The Uldoon Demon, Part 1

The Fifteenth Day of Kythorn

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Nashkel’s trade caravan seems to be taking shape. As merchants pool their resources and make arrangements for a long trek, the newly minted scouts are kept busy. Word has reached Nashkel of a plague in Greenest, killing a large portion of the town’s yearly wheat harvest. The winter stores will see no aid from the east. Less dire news arrives on the wings of a “demon,” and the scouts of Nashkel’s Auxiliary are sent to make sense of it and determine if it poses an ongoing threat to the countryside.

Finnly Brogan

We finally hiked back into town after what felt like a weeks worth of battle. On our trek back I had noticed the strange cold pull I had experienced near the brazier had followed us from the cavern. Through several personal experiments I had come to the conclusion that it was some how emanating from Bert. Im not sure what to make of this yet aside from the fact that it may be projected from the shadow being now living within our friend.

We came to the gates just after nightfall and immediately went to collect for the goblin ears we had collected from our assignment. While walking through town we had noticed that a caravan (the one I assume we are meant to guard on its way out) was being put together and there were several large armored horses in the park. When all was said and done we were told about a meeting we must attend in the morning. I took it upon myself to get reacquainted with my trusty stein and visited the local drinkeries. I ended up wandering back into the barracks sometime after sunset and before sunrise.

My dreams were riddled with sorrow, rage, more sorrow and gut wrenching sadness. It was as if I had relived my life prior to Nashkel. Having to close the tomb of both my father and mother again tore my soul in two. Dragon Fire’s presence through out the whole nightmare reminded me what I had originally left home for. Being slightly inebriated and full of every dreadful emotion woke me with a start. In a fit of rage and self disgust I sprang from my cot and threw it as far as I could before storming out of the barracks and to the tree in the park that I have unofficially claimed as mine. I slumped against the trunk of my tree with my parents rings in hand and wept.

Many hours of remorse passed before I was brought back to reality by Lena. I followed her to our meeting in which we were informed a farmer from Greenset had sent a messenger to use with news of a “flying, fire breathing demon” and a great blight that has decimated their crops. We all have reason to believe he may be off his rocker about this so called demon… Maybe a little too much home made hooch got to his nerves. I for one have grow rather fond of slaughtering goblins and cant wait to move on to a bigger trophy.

Much to our lack of surprise it was our duty to investigate! We were given time to prepare for our journey and when Lena arrived to set out Bert and Calli had failed to prepare themselves! As they set out it gave me a chance to learn a little back story of our guide. Seems as though I cant throw a single stone without hitting someone with a rather undesirable childhood. I guess that’s what makes us the people we are today…

Our other two companions arrived from their bout of shopping and we set out on our horses (which came from the pulling of several teeth and a promise of their safe return.) We left town and made our way out to Greenset and a full day and night had passed before we stumbled upon something entertaining.

In the distance we noticed some smoke. We tied out horses to some trees and made our way investigate the smoke. Coming up a hill several wagons came into view, a mess of scattered supplies and a few bodies. Standing over the burning wagon was a beast that could have made Dragon Fire think twice about advancing. As we observed this beast the wind had shifted and made out presence known to new foe. I charged at the hulking creature as Lena and the others stayed back. Little did I know my enemy had the same plan in mind.

We began out battle and landed many a blow to our newest victim. What was meant to be a quick slaughter turned into a battle for our lives. The creature seemed to be regenerating from the wounds we had inflicted! What seemed like hours passed when the beast finally fell! Lena shouted for a lantern and seemed to want to set the creature ablaze… Exhausted and delighted with our win I walked up to it and was stunned when it rose again and attacked! We had managed to slay the beast yet again and I decided it would be time for me to remove its head to ensure its passing to the other side… I sank Garaz into its neck and was amazed when the beast rose again with my axe and myself still attached! Not knowing what to do I held tight and was soon clobbered by the stumbling creature. After landing his blow he stumbled and fell to the ground with my underneath him. I managed to escape in time for Lena to set it on fire.

Lena collected the blood of what I learned was a troll. While she did that we salvaged two of the wagons and prepared them to return to Nashkel. We got back and gave the wagons for use in the caravan and set back out to finish what we had started. Another night had fallen after our journey began for the second time and we set up camp and divvied out our watches. Bert took first watch while the rest of us slept. What seemed like several minutes had passed I was awoken by Bert with the claim of a flapping noise near camp. Not knowing what to think of it I got up and decided to take watch with him. Im not sure how mentally sound he is but I still feel as though I can trust him.

Sitting by the fire gave me some time to take in the night air and the company of a good friend and his inner shadow demon. But that too was soon interrupted by noise out in the north. We woke the others and went to investigate. Sneaking through the dark we found the source of our query… A group of Orks had set up camp and were enjoying the evening. We debated if we should attack or return to camp. I for one was done ending life for the time being, but the others had a different feeling. Before we would advance a fight broke out in the pack of orks and we took the opportunity to sneak in and clean up the mess they had started to make of themselves.

We fought fast and hard and managed to slay all of them in the camp they had set up. Being fed up with the recent increase of battles I headed back to my tent and tried to sleep. Though the glory of winning a fight was reviving my fighters soul I had a hard time with the other memories that it invoked. My father, my mother, my title and hometown glory… ripped to shreds and destroyed before my very eyes. Friend or foe the loss of life isn’t a favored experience to me. I come closer to coming to grips with it the more I harden myself after battle… its getting easier to live with myself afterwards now. I don’t know if I like what I am becoming… only time will tell."

Albert Deschain

After the incident with the shadow creature, we decided to leave the goblin cave and head on back to Nashkel. While we were on our way back I noticed that the others were distancing themselves from me. As night fell I noticed that the voices in my head grew louder. The itching sensation across my body was still there, but I started to not notice it as much. Eventually we made it back to Nashkel and turned our goblin ears in for money. As we were passing by the gates, we noticed several caravans already put together.

I went to the barracks for the night, anticipating the thought of not having to sleep on the ground. My dreams started out fine, but suddenly I was walking down a path and could see another figure waling ahead of me. Even though we were walking the same speed, I was somehow able to catch up to him. As I did he turned to look at me and I was suddenly filled with hatred. It was the man who killed my parents. He smirked and started to run away. I followed and then after what seemed like forever I found him in a clearing. In the clearing he was standing next to a stone brazier like the one from the goblin cave, only this one was strouting large black flames. Looking upward, I saw that the flames seemed to to point toward winterflame. Suddenly the man was standing in front of me and after uttering a few words in a language I couldn’t understand he thrust a dagger between my ribs. As my energy started to drain from my body, I noticed that the mans face grew younger.

I woke with a sudden start and realized that I was still in the barracks at Nashkel. After taking a sigh of relief suddenly there was a commotion and Finnly’s cot went flying across the room. Afterwards Finnly walked out of the room. I laid back down and slept until morning. I then met the others at a meeting we were suposed to have, concering what we were to do until the caravan was ready. A messenger from the town of Greenest had come by saying something about a flying, fire breathing demon terrorizing the city. We were asked to go to Greenest and investigate.

After we all did some shopping to pick up supplies, we headed out the gates on horseback. It didn’t take us long to find trouble though. We spotted a couple of broken caravans and decided to leave our horses back while we went to see what the problem was. When we got close enough we saw a large creature looking through the remains. Finnly suddenly charged the beast and was met with a charge of it’s own. After trading a couple blows with the creature, we suddenly noticed that every now and then it’s wounds would regenerate slightly. After we each landed a couple blows on the creature it fell to the ground. We each took a couple of breaths and were ready to see what was left of the caravans, when suddenly the beast rose up ready to fight.

We took to attacking it again and eventually the creature dropped again. Lena asked for one of the lanterns. After Finnly threw his lantern to Lena, he slammed his axe into the beasts neck. As Lena tried to get the lanter open, the beast rose a second time with finnly still attached. The creature took a swing at Finnly and after connecting, collapsed for a third time. Finnly managed to get himself and his axe away from the beast, just as Lena poured some lamp oil on it. The creature was then lit on fire and didn’t rise again.

Lena told us that it was a troll and then took out some glass vials to fill up with it’s blood. We checked on the caravans and decided that they could still be used, so we decided to take them back to Nashkel. We then headed back out and eventually had to set up camp. I took up the first watch and after a while I suddenly heard the sound of flapping wings. I decided to wake Finnly and see it he heard the flapping too. He couldn’t hear them, but decided to stay up with me anyways. All of a sudden we heard some noise to the north of us. We decided to wake the women and set out to find what was making the noise.

After walking for a bit we found a group of orcs. Inside I felt a burning hatred for the creatures, I could never forget that I was attacked by a group of them while hunting for my parents killer. Finnly said that since they hadn’t noticed us that we ould just go back to camp. I firmly said that I wanted to fight them. We noticed that there seemed to be an arguement happening between some orcs and they were fighting. We took the infighting to our advantage and rushed into the orcs slaughtering them all. After looking over the items that they carried we headed back to camp and rested for the night."



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