The Twenty-Third Day of Highsun

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

After a month on the road, the promise of rest is tantalizing. The balmy, humid air of Tethyr is softened and cooled by the towering trees of The Wealdath Forest. It’s the dawning of a new day, where almost anything is possible. The question, now, is…where to start?

Finnly Brogan

Sleeping last night was rather pointless… the excitement of being back in Mosstone has kept me awake. With that hindering my rest I woke early and went down to have breakfast. Being back home I felt no need for my armor and weapons… felt weird not being on guard for the first time in months. Shortly after I started eating I was joined by Calli and the wolf. We ate in a rather odd silence until we were joined by Burt… who came in through the front door… half naked… covered in scratches. He greeted us as though nothing happened and went up to his room to dress. I followed him up shortly to see if I could figure out why he was outside but all he would say is that he woke in the orchard and doesn’t know why. We returned to the table and finished breakfast in silence.

After the sun rose we took to the streets an I decided introductions and a tour/shopping sounded like fun. We made our way up to Steeleye’s and found Avery cleaning shop and Steeleye out doing his morning errands. Knowing what his normal mornings looked like we traveled to the local stores and did some shopping. I bought a new cloak, some face paint and a saucer for fires if I ever found myself in the forest at night. Calli wanted some boots so we made out way to the tanner and I went back to the inn put my cloak on and painted a dwarven design on the left side of my face… embracing my past Mosstone life. Afterwards we met up at the tanner and made our way back to meet Steeleye. We made out introductions and continued out shopping.

When our coin pouches were lightened I decided I had delayed this long enough… We made out way to Amaraths to meet up with my main reason for returning to Mosstone. Amaraths was pretty much the same way I had left it… Warm, inviting and filled with the scent of teas and pastries. Sitting at one of the tables I found Dharma one of the women who worked there. She turned and greeted me warmly and motioned us to the counter. I ordered some tea and goodies for us all and we took a seat and I took the opportunity to fill my cohorts in on my master plan. Filling them in on my “Adventurers for hire” plan we agreed on our equal pay for quests and ironed out a few details… the only thing remaining now is finding a name for out group… but that can wait until work starts flowing in.

Business down, it was time to find Kara. I rose from my seat and before I could ask Dharma where I may find her I saw her in the kitchen cooking something up. I my way back and leaned against the door way and said hello. As expected she was ecstatic and greeted me in a whirlwind of hugs and question upon question. Answering them as efficiently as I could we made out way back to the table and introduced her to my partners. From there we made plans for a picnic on the coast and a day of relaxation and catching up.

We went back to the inn, got our stuff together and made our way to the stables. Mounted on our horses we made our way to the coast. The trip took a while but conversation with Kara made it seem quick. Arriving on the coast we laid out blankets down and enjoyed some treats and conversation. Through talking we learned that a druid had gone missing in the forest around the time of the loss of the moon. I figured it may be a good quest to take up to get our name out there as adventurers. We finished up our time of relaxation and made our way back to town.

With our horses back in the coral we made or way to the town gates. There we saw Ayidh for the first time since we arrived in Mosstone. I shouted eagerly to Ayidh to introduce him to the reason for my return. He bid farewell to an elf who gave him a salute and turned to greet us. There he stopped in his tracks as though stunned… I followed his eyes to what had taken his gaze… Kara. There too she was stopped in her tracks awestruck by Ayidh. They ran to each other and wrapped each other in their arms. Afterward we made our way back into town and got prepared for trek to The Glade. The entire walk in town was quite awkward. Ayidh was very quiet and Kara was acting rather sheepish toward him… Im having troubles figuring out what has take place between these two… with more time im sure I will figure it out.

Shortly after our return we se out for The Glade to get more information about the missing druid. Trekking through the forest we finally came to an opening that revealed a large druid place of worship. We tracked down a druid who could fill us in on what happened to their missing companion. It turns out she had set out before the destruction of the moon and it was unclear if she herself had gone mad or had been the victim of the rabid. Her journey deep into the Wealdalth had taken far too long and her fellow druids were rather concerned. I decided we should go find her when we were made aware that the elves of the forest may not be too fond of our intrusion into their forest. With much thought we decided it would in our best interest to tack down the missing elf clan The Dream Walkers. If we were able to track down the missing elves maybe we would receive their blessings as we enter their land.

Before setting out we returned to town and decided to take off on our trip in the morning after a good nights sleep. We ate our dinner and made our way to our rooms and took part in a good nights sleep. Waking early we had breakfast and all met up in the inn. Getting or game plan down we grabbed out possessions and took them to Kara for safe keeping and set out into the forest. Our first day into the forest came up fruitless. We had stopped at a stream to see if there may be any inclination as to where the elves could have gone. With no luck we set up camp and slept in the trees. The following morning was damp and didn’t make our quest any easier. Half day had come and gone by the time Ayidh cautioned us to take guard. He had spotted a boot from behind a tree and crept forward to investigate. A short time passed when he had rose and beckoned us forward… there we found a massacre.

All about the forest floor and tree limbs were the bodies of a dozen elves. Upon investigation Ayidh had confirmed their identity as the missing elf clan. All around the bodies were signs of a massive attack. Char marks and broken bodies littered toe forest and left very few clues as to how they met their demise. Thinking out all possibilities we ruled out the act of a dragon and came to the conclusion it must have been dark magic that had taken their lives.

A little way from the bodies Calli had found a strange black rock laying in a char mark on the ground. I reached out to touch it and was greeted with a bone chilling cold shock that went through my body. It was then I decided to make a decision for Burt… I took his hand and put it upon the strange rock. He started whirling and stumbling about and it seemed as though he was suffocating. Ayidh reacted fast and slammed him upon a tree with his hand around is throat. Something very dark had happened to him that we couldn’t figure out. After assuring Burts safety Ayidh took up the strange stone and decided to investigate. As he studied and tumbled the stone in his hand his studious demeanor turned into a fear or hatred toward it.

He cast the stone to the ground and after a short time he told us why he had responded in such a manner. Apparently the stone was attracted to one of the trinkets that hung around his neck. It was the ashes of his wife that had caused the reaction. When he collected his thoughts it came to him that the stone had contained the magic that may have cause the death of his wife and the destruction of his home town. He then asked me if I had my mysterious dagger on me. Luckily it was one of the few items I had left behind in the care of Kara. He unwrapped the dagger and approached the stone that lay lifeless upon the forest floor. As he came upon the stone he touched the blade to the stone and an eruption of smoke burst forth from the stone blocking all our sight for short period of time. We tried to figure out what had happened and came to the conclusion it was for the better that the stone had been destroyed.

We collected ourselves and began to bury the bodies for the other elves to take care of in their own rituals. If we just buried them before we told the forest elves of their missing clan we my never receive their blessing to venture deeper into the forest. Ayidh insisted that we would be fine on our quest for the druid if we just left the bodies and carried on our way. I hounded him for an answer as to why and he said that with him by our side the elves would not hassle us through our journey… Why would he have such influence over the elves? Why is he so important to them? Without the answers that I needed we took to our feet and set out deeper into the trees on the quest to find out missing druid.



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