The Thirteenth Day of Highsun

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

The mood of the caravan is one of excited impatience. The road has been long, and the men and women of Nashkel are looking forward to being with their families again. Even the horses seem to understand that the end of the road is within reach, stamping and snorting, as if eager to get moving.

Finnly Brogan

Nashkel is just like we left it, except for a few more graves. Everyone seems weary after the event that changed out nights and days. The arrival of the caravan seems to have brightened the spirit’s a bit. We finished the caravan escort and had until the following morning to collect our pay. As usual Ayidh had disappeared before entering town and oddly enough Calli left as well, I can only assume to visit her uncle and get some rest. Burt and I went to The Dragon and enjoyed some drink and relaxation. After a while I visited the barracks to speak with the clerk. He filled me in on how the town has handled itself since the loss of the moon. It seems they have experienced very few rabid people and just seem to be more melancholy than before… understandable.

I returned to The Dragon for another drink with Burt when I decided it would be a good idea to track Ayidh down. Luckily I didn’t have to look far when I trekked into the Northern Light and found him sitting at a table enjoying a meal and drink. I sat across from him and we ended up talking well into the evening about out past lives and our plans for traveling to Mosstone. We seem to have shared similar aspects to our lives before our adventures, though his nightmares have seemed to leave me speechless upon their telling. Oddly enough afterwards I feel a little closer to the stranger that has graced out ranks over the last several weeks. He seems slightly more human after hearing his stories. With tales told and companionship a little stronger we set off to sleep and greeted the following morning.

We met up with the caravan leader and collected out pay for our services and bid the town farewell. With my feet on the road and Mosstone in my sights there was nothing stopping me now. Our trip seemed to be going a little to smooth until we ran into an ogre. I thought we might be able to sneak around it while it made a quick meal of a coyote but I was wrong. For what seemed like no reason at all Calli attacked! The beast charged and knocked Burt and I back a few feet and we began our attack. With the help of Burt and Calli we made quick work of his short life and managed to wipe the existence of this ogre out. Through the battle Ayidh stayed back and seemed as though he wanted to observe up instead of participating. I have no clue why he chose to do that but we managed without him.

The trek through The Cloud Peaks went eventless after our little battle and we made our way to Crimmor. There we took a short break and decided to make our travels a little easier. Wandering through the streets we made our way to the town stables. There we bought ourselves horses. Out of the choices of steeds I found a beautiful paint horse who I claimed as my own. After leaving the stables I fed him some apples and walked beside him to build trust and get him accustomed to his new master. I am quite thankful to have this amazing creature in my life now… it feels good to have a bond with something so majestic. Our new mode of transport made the distance from Crimmor to the southern outskirts of Imnescar seem like nothing. We set up camp and fed our horses and called it a night.

The morning began with a terrible start. We were all awoken with a soul chilling roar echoing off the foothills of The Small Teeth. Stumbling from my tent it didn’t take me long to realize what had made out wake up call. Following Ayidh up a tree I was given the visual to solidify my unease… Dragon. We stayed up in the tree for a little while observing its shadow flying and swooping down upon something in the mountains. After a few moments I climbed down and decided to ride into Imnescar and talk with the town guard to see if they had heard of the dragon. It turns out there were several travelers that were swooped upon by the beast a few days earlier. I thanked him for his time and made my way back to my companions and filled them in. Ayidh saw the dragon fly to the east and decided he wanted to investigate… He and Calli went off to investigate and Burt and I went back to town and waited for their return.

Several days had passed when the found us in the inn and filled us in on their findings. It seems as thought he dragon had made its way east and in the process attacked a couple wagons and people leaving all the remains in its trail. Not able to track it further they returned and we made out way up into The Small Teeth. We kept aware of our surroundings hoping the dragon had not returned and were pleased to find that it hadn’t. We made it to the top of the pass to find The Wealdath covering the valley below. Praise be to the gods my forest remained! With the vast green expanse below my spirits could not get any higher!

We made it to the bottom of the foothills and entered the forest. We stopped and Ayidh filled Burt and Calli in on the ways of the great forest. As he spoke I took the opportunity to lay a hand upon several trees and took in the scent of a forest I should never have left. I have never felt so at home as I have now… With the call of Mosstone I saddled up and continued the trip south. On one of our rest stops one of the forests elves had made himself known by stepping out from a tree. Ayidh has seemed rather apprehensive about being in the forest… im sure we will learn why sometime in the future… as for me I was ready to get home.

The time had come when Mosstone came into view and I hastened myself to the stabled outside the town walls. After paying for a ten day stay for my horse I ran into town to greet my old friends. Unfortunatly the tea shop was closed but I knew of one person who would be easy to find. I made my way to the southern end of town and walked into Steeleye’s shop. I found it in process of closing for the night and was greeted by Avery his assistant. I introduced myself and decided to go around the back to Steeleye’s home and say hello. He greeted me with a warm strong hug and welcomed me back. I gave him my stein for repairs and bid him farewell for the evening. Its time to establish a home and work… but for now sleep.



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