Naskhel is the northernmost city of Amn, actually resting north of Amn’s established border in the Cloud Peaks. It is 2,000 feet above sea level, 500 feet above the cities of lost Minsorran, and 200 feet higher than Imnescar. These factors give Nashkel the nicknames of the Cold City, Windy City, or Sloping City of Amn, as it rests on the low northern slopes of the Cloud Peaks. Nashkel is almost autonomous, as roads to it are often blocked by snows, but it still considers itself part of Amn.


1,500 in town, 700 more in outlying villages and farms.

Major Products:

Caravan equipment, guides; local game and pelts, sheep and wool, barley, beer, iron, nickel, copper.

Places of Note:

Cloud Peaks Outfitters, an equipment shop for those traveling through the mountains.

Icedawn’s House, a shrine to the winter goddess Auril, is a small cabin up the slopes from Nashkel, wherein lives Jasha Istor. She will greet all travelers heading into the peaks, seeking donations to keep Auril’s wrath away. Jasha is also one of the best guides through the Peaks from Nashkel.

The Northern Light Inn

The Belching Dragon

People of Influence:


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