Idle Hands' Financial Ledger

This page lists the collective assets of the Idle Hands Partnership, including any property, treasure, and debt considered “common” to the group as a whole.

“Formatting” to follow.


Stronghold—“Dawn’s Cove” is a small cave west of Mosstone. While a little off the beaten track, Dawn’s Cove is defensible, and (hopefully) high enough from the waterline that winter storms won’t submerge it. Current cost of upkeep is 0 gold pieces per day. Current taxes are 0 gold pieces per season.

Horses—Stabled in the Drover’s Field in Mosstone, Idle Hands owns two riding horses and a riding pony, complete with common riding tack and tackle, worth roughly 75 gold pieces each. “Full-service” stabling for “Honored” residents is currently free, paid for by Mosstone’s Constable’s Office.

Ayidh d’Nuhl—current balance; 16 Bars of Gold (800 gold pieces)

In return for an initial investment of 24 bars of gold (1,200 gold pieces) to get Idle Hands operational (primarily for a Tethyrian Royal Charter), Ayidh d’Nuhl expects repayment in gold bars. Each gold bar is worth 50 gold pieces, and can be changed at major port cities and trading points for a ten percent fee. There is no current deadline for repayment of this debt, and Ayidh d’Nuhl has allowed “one-bar-at-a-time” repayment.

Idle Hands' Financial Ledger

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