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This area is for in-character news, opportunities, rumors, and postings. Some of the materials found on the board are dated, or are specific to a particular city or community, while others are general rumors or knowledge available regardless of the party’s current whereabouts.


[Posted by Finnly Brogan]

Dwarf for hire. Small town and lack of work is wearing thin on my patience. Any caravans or travelers in need of a guard look no further. I am reliable, hard working and trustworthy. If you hire me my ax and I will go to our ends to protect you and your cargo. I am not a big fan of boats but for the right price i will also travel by sea. Leave me a note at the tea house and i will make contact as soon as i receive it. Thank you – Finnly

[Posted by Finnly Brogan]

Due to a dry spell in work the leader of Idle Hands is offering his services to the general public. Willing to take on any task to earn some coin. No task is below me… except cleaning bodily rubbish. if you can not locate me at the tea house please leave note here and i will make contact and we will discuss the duties and expected pay. Thank you for your time.

[ Posted upon the Community Board ]

“It’s time again!”

“The High Harvest Festival is just around the corner, and everyone’s invited! There will be food, drink, and song enough to last the cold winter! Bring your families, and bring your appetites! And, remember, the Apple Run Trophy is up for grabs again this year for children ages three to twelve!”

“…Bring your own chairs, please…”

[ Overheard in the Oakfather’s Boon ]

“I’m telling you, it’s a bad omen.”

(deeply serious) “You mean worse than Selune turning to dust? Fire a’burnin in the sky at night? Stars falling left and right? The tides themselves gone? You’re worried about a few storms?”

“I didn’t say it was worse. I said it was a bad omen. Too early in the year to be getting storms.”

“Bah. The Year of the Serpent, the storms came once a week all the way through to Highharvestide. The dirtfarmers had nine hells worth of bad luck that year because of it, too. And in the Year of the Arch, we had a storm so bad, maybe a ten- after Highsummer, that I thought half the forest was going to blow down.”

“So you mean there’s nothing to worry about?”

(scoffs) “There’s plenty to worry about, is what I’m sayin’.”

[ Overheard Outside of Eiverly’s Baked Delights ]

“I heard someone found that missing druid.”

“The dark-skinned wench?”

(shocked gasp) “There’s no call for that kind of talk! She speaks with the trees, same as the rest.”

“I don’t care if she waves her horns and twitches her tail and makes Selune whole again. Dark elves tain’t to be trusted with less than a belly full of steel.”

“Obviously not everyone agrees, and bless ‘em for it. Don’t we have enough to worry about without turning on those that’ve served The Balance their whole lives?”

“Don’t mean I have to like em.”

[ Posted upon the Community Board ]

“To All Residents and Visitors”

“Be on the look-out for foxes lurking within the town.”

[ Posted upon the Community Board ]

“Travelers Beware”

“Bugbears and orcs have been seen in greater numbers in recent weeks. Travelers are warned not to travel alone, and are encouraged to stay on the roads whenever possible.”

[ Posted upon the Community Board ]

“To All Explorers of the Wilds”

“The Suldusk Tribe is asking for aid. Since the Night of the Sundering, all attempts to locate the Dreamwalker clan have failed. The Suldusk are asking that all explorers venturing into The Wealdath be mindful for signs of their passing, and, if contact is made, to report their where-abouts. Please tread with care—The People fear that the clan might have fallen victim to the Sundering Sickness, and may pose a danger to even recognized Elf-Friends.”

“For more information, please see Constable Gallum”

[ Posted on the Community Board ]

“Attention all those in need of help”

“Need some help with bandits, goblins and such? Need some muscle to help move items of value? Look no further than the newly chartered adventuring group, The Idle Hands Partnership. We are currently working out of Mosstone and are looking for work. Completed tasks you might have heard of us doing would be finding the remains of the lost suldusk tribe, finding the lost druid, and of course fighting along side Mosstones militia duing the attack on High Harvest Day. If you would like to enlist our help please talk to Mr. Brogan in Amaraths Tea House between opening and noon. If Mr. Brogan is unavailable, just leave a note at the tea house and we will get to you as soon as we can.”

[ Posted on the Community Board ]

“Attention all those in need of help”

“Bored tired old dwarf looking for work. Can be contacted at Amaraths.”

Community Bulletin Board

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