The Thirteenth Day of Kythorn

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Life within the mining camp is subdued in the aftermath of the collapse of the Hollowdelve, and Argim of Stormdown is at his wits’ end. Pressure is mounting on the Greyhost family to carry the village through the coming winter.

Finnly Brogan

“The morning after our adventure in the mines was met with a note requesting us to meet in the slop hall. Well sure as hell wasn’t leaving without my primary weapon… My axe Garaz (Dwarven for fearless). Though it wasn’t much of a battle it still brought back the memories of the good old days… Fighting side by side with my father. They smell of blood and sweat, tunnels filled with the battle cries of a true gladiator. How great it would be to be in an arena again…”

“I made my way to breakfast and piled my plate high… The same refuse they serve everyday. After taking my seat I was joined by Bert, Calli and her mutt. Aside from the attempt to feed the animal I don’t know what to think of it… who keeps an animal for companionship? Its like keeping a mole in my pocket for guidance when times get tough… Oh well. It turned out to be a quiet lunch. The other two really seem odd. The female is quite and standoff-ish and Bert… Well come on… its Bert."

“We were soon joined by Argum who had summoned us in the first place. He told us of the origins of the beetle hoards and the mines quickly diminishing ores. We were then told of the possible lack of provisions for the coming winter. We were asked to join a caravan carrying iron to the town that supplies most of our food… Only to be told we don’t know when we are leaving and that we need training… Seemed kinda pointless to me. After agreeing to take the task we were given a chance to collect our personal effects, given out papers of assignment and headed out for a journey to Nashkel.”

“Town never felt so comforting. People other than fellow miners and plenty of ale to make me happy. The Belching Dragon was just as I had left it… But less blurry and spinning. I took it upon myself to find Kiera at the Nightlight. Upon arrival I met up with Ries and told him of Kieras sticky fingers and lack of courage to face out buggy foes. We later found she had stolen from Ries as well and were offered a silver piece to bring her back. I did a fair bit of searching before I got bored and weirded by Bert and Calli following me everywhere… not to mention that weird dog…”

“After going to meet the mayor (who wasn’t there… Sheesh) we were sent to the barracks for future orders… "

Albert Deschain

"I woke up this morning to find a note telling me to meet in the mess hall and await further instructions. I decided to put my armor on and bring my spear. By the time I got to the building I saw Finnly already sitting at a table with a plate piled high with food. I grabed a little bit of food and sat down at the other end of the table. A short time later Calli came in followed by her wolf. I don’t know much about my insect slaying companions, but they both seem okay.

Finnly decided that it was a good idea to throw some buscuits and gravy down on the floor near the wolf. The wolf licked up all the gravy, but left the buscuits. Finnly decided not to let anything go to waste and picked the food back up. Eventually we were joined by Argim.

After chastising Finnly about throwing food on the ground he began to tell up why the beetles had entered the mine. It seems that one of the sons whose family is paying for the whole mining operation was down in there mining with us. He was in a cavern with Argim when they found a wall that didn’t seem to sturdy. Argim told him to leave it alone, but the child didn’t listen. After picking at it suddenly a tunnel opened up and beetles came rushing out.

Then Argim told us why we had all been gathered. Considering how we were able to protect ourselves against the sudden attack of beetles we were being considered for a job. The trade caravans that had been normaly coming to the town of Nashkel had suddenly stopped and they were going to send a caravan of their own to find out what the problem was. Each of us were given a piece of paper stating that we were that ones being sent to help out and that we should go down to the town ASAP. After dismissing himself we all decided to go back to our bunks and gather all our items. Meeting back up we made our way to town.

Once making it to the outskirts of Nashkel, Calli left our group to head back to her house which happened to be somewhat close to town. I decided to stick with Finnly because he seemed to know where he was going. After stopping off at every taverns he saw we stopped off at a little place called the NightLight. Finnly walked right up to the counter and when the owner turned around he sent a glare right at the dwarf. While they were having a small heated conversation, I noticed that the barmaid working there was the woman from the mines yesterday who ran away at the mention fo the beetles. Finnly told the owner that the woman(whose name I heard was Keira) had run out of the mines and he suspected her of being a thief. He mentioned that the owner might want to count all his money and see if there was any missing.

After the owner left us, Calli finaly joined back up with us and Finnly started to tell us about how he had first met Keira. While he was explaining the barmaid took notice of the story and ran upstairs. The owner came back and started to look for her. After realizing that she had left the building, the owner told us that if we could find her there would be a reward. The three of us set out to find her, but we found no trace of her. We probably could of looked harder, but personally I didn’t care. I didn’t know the woman, so she was of no concern to me.

After a while I noticed that Finnly seemed kind of annoyed that Calli and I were following him, so I decided to check out the weapon store. Eventually leaving I realized that I should check in with the mayor and made my way to his estate. When I got there I saw that Finnly had talked with his aide about the whole situation and got him to stamp our papers. We were then sent off to the barracks for training….. whatever that means."

Escape From the Mines, Part 2

The Twelfth Day of Kythorn

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

The Hollowdelve has become a gauntlet of chitin and gnashing jaws. Corpses rest mangled upon the stone floor, and the wave of enraged beetles seems to be without end. The stench of acrid blood is thick on the air, seeming to make the swarm even more aggressive.

Escape From the Mines
"A man is defined by his failures as much as his victories. Heroes are defined by how they take one and turn it into the other."

The Twelfth Day of Kythorn

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

The summer is fast approaching in the town of Nashkel. Seasonal rains paint the horizon in vibrant colors, and the air is filled with the songs of birds. Traffic flows steadily along the Trade Way, bringing a stream of travelers and traders into the inns and trading costers. Local farmers drive flocks of hardy sheep and goats into the hills before the sun rises, and return as it slinks towards the Sea of Swords.

Huddled at the feet of the Cloud Peaks, Nashkel’s iron mine swarms with an unusual level of activity, leaving the town somewhat quiet. The Grayhost family, owners of the mining concern, have put out a call for additional hands to help open a new vein in the mountainside.

The routine of the mining camp is shattered early in the morning, however, by screams echoing through the natural caverns of Hollowdelve Mine.

The doldrum and monotony suddenly becomes a race for survival..

Finnly Brogan

“It seemed like any other day in the mines. Doing the grunt work that i have come to loath. It seems i can never work alone… I have been parked in a dead end with a few other miners, Bert, Keira, and Calli. surprisingly the women have been able to pull their weight loading carts while Bert and i are picking away at our surroundings.”

“From through the clatter of our work we hear something that just doesnt seem to belong… a commotion from within the tunnels. I step away from my wall to see what is going on. Only to find a fellow miner running towards us with a fear stricken face! Keira attempted to intercept him only to be passed along with a cry of “BEETLES”. As the miner ran we lost one of my crew, Keira ran off in the mines in the opposite direction of our enemies. And me without my Axe…”

“Using the only thing I had at hand we began the battle for out freedom we began our assault on the beetle menace. Swinging my pick axe from beetle to beetle sweeping my way down the tunnel I had come to realize that Bert and Calli may be crucial to our trek to freedom… Though I had no idea of the brass they had…”

“I plowed ahead through our foes as Bert and Calli went off to help some fellow miners who were under attack. It seemed as though I had been abandoned. With the floor littered with the bodies of the both the enemy and my fellow miners I continued on my way up to the entrance. After clearing a room of beetles I was finally joined again by Bert and Calli. As I scouted ahead I stopped at a for in the path to find our way full of those filthy beetles. I decided to back track and work our way out in another direction… only to be faced with more fiends.”

“As I fought along the side of the others I finally came to the conclusion that the fighting was all up to me! Bert was able to throw around his fancy magical flashes occasionally hitting something. As for Calli… Lords only know what she was trying to do. By the time we had cleared through to the next chamber I was surprised my pick was still in one piece. Foe upon foe met their end by my pick and I shall forever carry it with me as a reminder of what a little determination and a trusty pick can get me through.”

“We met up with Argum (a fellow dwarf miner) to find her too had slain many a foe. Upon cleansing the area we gave a quick report of what “adventure” we had just taken part in. We were then told to leave. The militia passed us by as we made out way out the open world I had thought I wouldn’t see again.”

“Knowing my mother’s and father’s spirits were by my side through the entire encounter gave me the strength to carry on. My father guiding my pick through my foe and my mother guiding my body from harm…”

Albert Deschain

"It’s barely been 24 hours since the incident and I felt like writing something about it. After leaving the trade caravans I got a job helping mine iron in the local mountains near Nashkel. After working there for a while I got teamed up with a dwarf called Finnly Brogan. I haven’t spent too much time around dwarves, but he seems like a decent guy. He’s a hard worker, but will call out your short comings when he sees them. After working in the mines with him one day we heard a commotion coming from further down the shaft near us. There were only four of us in the area we were in. It was Finnly, two women that I hadn’t met yet, and myself.

Finnly was the first to reach the area where the noise was coming from, followed by myself and the two women. Suddenly another miner came running from the deeper in the mines. As he ran by, one of the women ran to ask him what the problem was. All I heard him scream was “BEETLES!” The woman seemed to suddenly double her speed and pass him by. Finnly and I stood out in the center of the tunnel… and then we saw them. Dog-sized Beetles started coming towards us.

Finnly and I both had our pick-axes from mining so we rushed the beetles, taking the first couple out like they were nothing. The other woman caught up with us after going back into our area to grab a pick-axe of her own. After taking out the first group of beetles we started to round another corner. Suddenly we saw two problems. Number one: three beetles had run off towards two unarmed miners near a dead end. Number two: Four other beetles waited for us around the corner, one of them easily double the size of the first ones.

Finnly rushed the beetles and started to slash at them. The other woman started to run towards the beetles that were attacking the other miners, but at the last second took one of the lanterns from the wall and threw it towards the group of beetles Finnly was fighting. She didn’t aim it very well and accidentally hit Finnly with some of the fire. After helping Finnly take care of the rest of the beetles in that area I went to go see if the woman needed help. Turns out she was better as using her pick-axe than throwing lanterns. One of the men she saved started to follow her around like she was a saint, because she saved his arm from being chewed off.

After meeting up with Finnly again we started heading down the tunnel where the beetles had come from. Eventually we found a fork in the road… and more beetles. After taking care of this group we started to head down the right fork of the tunnel. We encountered more beetles down this way too. Halfway through the fight Finnly and I suddenly noticed that the woman had decided to leave us to fight these beetles and had run off down the left fork. After taking out these beetles I decided to see if the woman was okay. Hearing Finnly grumble something about having to do all the work, I rounded the corner and saw the woman trying to fight six beetles at once.

All this fighting had suddenly brought back the knowledge of the clerical arts I had learned half a year ago. Helping Calliope (the woman whose name I finally learned) take care of most of the beetles, suddenly Finnly came rushing up and took out the last beetles. After hearing him mutter something under his breath, we all decided to go down the left path Calli had been trying to go down. After encountering a couple more beetles, we finally met up with another worker. Argum was another dwarf who worked in the mines, but he seemed more prepared than we had been. He finished off the last of the beetles around this area and told us to head through the tunnel behind him. We ran down the tunnel and had gotten back out into the mining camp. A troop of soldiers from the town passed us by, and a little later the woman who had run off came running out of the mines. She continued running past us and off towards town. Finnly, Calli and I decided that we had enough adventure for the day and went to our bunks."

Enter the Thief
Be careful what you wish for.

The Eleventh Day of Nightal

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Winter in Nashkel is a dreary, boring affair. With the snow comes a drought of travelers. Much like a bear, the natives of Nashkel settle in for lazy days, huddled around small, careful fires and cozy hearths to wait out the Frostmaiden’s unforgiving breath. Without caravans to tend, The Outfitter closes its doors entirely, shifting their focus from business to construction, building the tools and products for the coming trade season. Trappers seldom venture out, the game in the hills rarely worth the struggle. Farmers toil all the same, sheltering their flocks within crowded barns.

The days are long and boring for the majority of Nashkel, trapped within their homes by the weather. Taverns that cater to travelers and traders during The Season turn, instead, to their neighbors.

The beginning of each tenday marks ‘pay day’ for Keira Fischer, a young local employed at the Night Light Inn. During a typical evening of thankless toil, Keira comes to find her coin purse has vanished. A brief, panicked search is interrupted by a new face in the tavern, a sullen Finnly Brogan. When the dwarf confronts Ries Kensiddar, owner of The Night Light, and demands the return of his money, Keira begins to suspect that her missing money might not have been caused by carelessness after all.

After starting a ruckus in the tavern’s upstairs lobby, overturning tables and chairs and enraging a local militia veteran, Finnly leads a chase of Ardis Phell, a young boy from Athkatla who displays a touch of The Art. Drawing her dagger, Keira brings the chase to a quick end, attacking the boy viciously. Gaining the upper hand, Finnly drives the boy into the snow and pins him to the ground, waiting for the Constable on duty to arrive and straighten the situation. Taking advantage of the situation, Keira decides she’s not satisfied with regaining her own money, choosing instead to steal from the boy’s ill-gotten collection before the marshal could intervene. After a brief argument, the Marshal drags the protesting boy to the barracks, ordering Finnly to return to the Night Light to clean up the lobby and to repair the door he broke in his chase, while Keira, quietly, pocketted her new coins before returning to her otherwise boring routine.

In the Begining...
Life in the Forgotten Realms

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