When Last We Left Our Heroes...

It has been a mild winter within the Wealdath. Biting frost has been carried on the evening winds most nights, funneling into the valley from inland, only to be pushed back by light rains that drift in from the bay by day. But as the sky has tended towards a uniform grey, one that seemed to threaten with snow more often than not, the harshness of Auril’s cold touch never seemed to make it past the waist of the mountains to the north and south.

The light traffic passing along the Trade Way, however, has been a testament to the harsher weather within the passes.

Mosstone has settled in for the winter, and is only now starting to awaken for the arrival of the Trading Season, though to describe the winter’s calm as ‘content’ would be far from accurate. While most prefer to remain indoors after nightfall nowadays, the drinks at the local taverns have been taken with far less mirth than in winters past. The constables have had an easy time keeping the peace in these early days of the Year of the Entrhoned Puppet, as, what few visitors make their way to town in the winter months seem to find themselves under far more scrutiny by the locals than has been the custom. Between the upsurge in newly-recruited members of the guard and the evaporation of Mosstone’s generally ‘welcoming’ atmosphere, few outsiders are left alone long enough to cause any appreciable degree of mischief. And those rare troublemakers that insist are usually put back in their place by a town full of men and women that are in no mood for fools.

Fortunately for the members of Idle Hands Incorporated, Mosstone has unofficially included them into their ‘family’ following their actions during the ‘Ruddy Highharvestide.’ They enjoy a somewhat higher degree of hospitality and friendliness these days that is perhaps second only to the respect and admiration the townies feel for the druids of the Grove and the elves of the forest.

Such, it seems, is not the case for wider Tethyr. A growing sense of unease, of intangible uncertainty that has been steadily growing for nearly three years, has become more solid in the minds of the people since The Sundering. Banditry is on the rise along the roads of Tethyr and Amn, and hushed rumors abound that the scattered tribes of elves in the wilderness, driven mad by too many years of unchecked human domination, have begun openly raiding human settlements within the valley and beyond the mountains and threatening an already fragile balance with their neighbors. The wild tales of wholesale destruction wrought by incredible magic in the mountains bordering Amn and Tethyr have only further inflamed tensions. Mercenary corps and semi-organized militias are on the rise, and many are the common-bred that have begun openly carrying weapons within the towns and villages of Western Faerun. Rumors that speak of cults of Cyric worshippers, Banites, and Zhentarim have become more frequent, though whether this can be attributed to an increase in activity or just nervousness is impossible to tell. Patrols along the roads—both official and non—have increased dramatically, and many are checking for travel papers and licenses on what had once been free roads. Malcontents are treated harshly, and, it has been whispered, those of non-human lineage have been treated even less kindly.

And, through it all, Idle Hands’ mysterious benefactor, Ayidh d’Nuhl, has been unnervingly silent. The man revealed to be an elven archmage, Doreanal Evenwood, has been away for a little over two months. After aiding in the recovery of Finnly Brogan, the wizard revealed that Idle Hands’ cave concealed a portal to what he called a demi-plane, “The Vault.” Among the tomes, dangerous magics, and knowledge he wished to hide from ‘the wrong eyes’ was a construct the likes of which the young adventurers had never seen—an airship. After giving them a tour of the Netheril-inspired wonder, Dorn revealed that it was not yet functional, and that he would require the aid of Idle Hands to get it ‘off the ground,’ as it were.

“If you help me, I can help you; with the death of Selune, I don’t know to what extent the Weave has been disrupted,” he said. “I’m more than capable of transporting you great distances with my magic, but I’m not sure it’s something I want to risk. Magic seems to be working properly on the small-scale, but I felt something was wrong the instant I awoke the night of the Sundering, and I’m not sure I want to risk performing a spell like this until I’m convinced that The Weave has recovered from the shock. If we can finish Dawnbringer, then I can ferry you where you need to go much faster than you could travel overland, and without the risk of you being torn apart by a corrupted portal or sent to a very different place than we intended.”

“…And those are the nice options.”

With that, Dorn—once again wearing the guise of the human woodsman Ayidh—left with Kara to venture into the deeper Wealdath, asking that Idle Hands remain behind for the time being.

Today, spring is closing in, and it was a little less than two weeks ago that a tired and sullen-looking Kara returned from her home city, bearing a package for the erstwhile adventurers…

The legend of Moonsunder continues.

Into the Heart, Part II

The Seventh Day of The Rotting

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Velen. As the winter snows start to dust the Wealdath, further inland, the Dragon’s Head is swept over by storms whipping up from the southwest, funneled inland by the Small Teeth to the north and the Starspires to the south.

Several ships port in the bay, waiting for gaps between the storms to escape into deeper waters. One, in particular, beckons to Idle Hands; “The Fateful Flight.”

No more fitting a name could they have found, though Fate doesn’t tend to work out the way people would prefer…

Finnly Brogan

The night was settling upon the ship along with a rather decent storm heading in our direction. I took a moment to speak with the first mate and try to learn something about her. It seems as though with the ability to cast magic that taking to the sea was her only hope. it’s a shame such an expanse of water can become the last place of safety for people… I bid her farewell for the night and retreated to hull for the night. Unfortunately the following day held more rough seas and the signs of a much darker storm off in the distance stalking us as we continued out journey. With the thought of yet another menacing storm front hitting us on my mind I slept lightly and thankfully it saved my life.

As I lay back sleeping I was awoken by the loss of my bearings. It seems as though the storm had finally taken its toll on the ship and was leading it to its watery death bed. As gracefully as I could I grabbed my pack and tried to find what direction lead up to the deck. Shortly after finding the way out my vision went black. I was awoken by the sound of waved breaking on the shore and the cries of sea birds. Thankfully enough I found the sun and my body laying on the stable ground of dry land. The ships wreckage was scattered about me along with the bodies of its crew. Gladly I was able to find my companions alive among the sands and driftwood. After we all got our bearings we buried the bodies of the crew and decided to continue our travels north.

Slowly but surly we made our way up the coast in silence taking the opportunity to take in the fresh sea air and gather our thoughts. Before being able to collect our thoughts and form a new plan of action our thoughts were disrupted by the yells of a band of mercenaries. Gathering myself for battle I ran towards the closest set of boulders and hid until I was able to get into a position to launch my assault. Sneaking behind the boulders I managed to get into ranger of the enemies. I charged up the hill and began my onslaught of attacks. I fought long and hard against out foes but in the end I met a dark ending. After being tangled in a net my vision went black once again.

The battle cries of my friends brought me back to my senses. There I found myself tied at the hands and ankles defenseless. My vision starting to clear up I tried to wrestle my way across the ground toward the mercenaries. Slowly I made my way to the feet of the closest mercenary and I began biting at his feet. Trying to distract our foe from my friends I did all I could from where I was left. Yelling and biting yielded nothing as I watched my friends fall one by one and getting tied by the mercenaries. I attempted another attack only to find the underside of a foes boot… The world went dark.

Into the Heart, Part I

The Twenty-third Day of Leaffall

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Winter is settling in early in the foothills of the Small Teeth. Frost licks at the foliage and crunches underfoot.

It’s an odd place to be called to on a whim.

After viewing the carcass of a black dragon, crushed by its own weight after hitting the ground, Ayidh d’Nuhl lays out what seems, on the surface, to be a simple request; Venture to Waterdeep, find Alora Galanadel, and return with her report of the goings-on of the northern territories. He takes great pains to caution Idle Hands, though: “He knows that, sooner or later, I’ll go looking for him. And he knows that Waterdeep will be the most likely place for me to start.”

The first leg of the journey begins at Velen’s sea port.

Finnly Brogan

We set up camp for the night seeing as how we don’t want to travel through the snowy mountains in the dark of night. Sitting by the fire we discussed what we needed to do in Waterdeep. Ayidh had given us a little notebook that we were supposed to deliver to his contact and from there we are welcome to do what we will as long as we returned the book to Ayidh at some point in time. It seems that Waterdeep has quite a history and I can hardly wait to get there. This will be the furthest north that I have traveled and one more place to add to my list of cities I have visited. Ayidh had agreed to let us take some gold from his chest at the teahouse to help pay for our travels. At the break of the morning we will part ways yet again and head back to Mosstone and await a caravan we can travel to Velen with.

We got back to Mosstone safely and several days had passed before a caravan came into town beading our direction. They needed some guards and we needed someone to travel with while we left our horses back in the corals. With our pockets lined with gold and our bodies eager for travel we left town and began our work. Passing through the small coastal towns we made a stop in the town of the soup. I managed to take in as much as possible before we had to move along and It was by far worth the belly ache. Night came and went and the road called for us to continue our path. Very little had taken place so far and it seemed it would be a rather eventless trip. As soon as I thought that things took a turn for the worse.

As we were walking we noticed a band of gnolls had decided to take advantage of our caravan and attacked. We fought long and hard as our other companions did all they could to protect their goods. Surrounded by several gnolls I needed to find a way to even out the odds and make my fight a little easier. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a glass bottle of ether and smashed it right into the face of the closest gnoll. Luckily the disgusting creature has wasn’t able to shake its effects and shortly passed out. I did all I could to fight off the one remaining beside me. As their forces thinned they too flight and left the scene empty handed. After all was clear and we took stock of our damages I decided to dispatch the unconscious gnoll and crushed his skull with a rock and left the body for his friends to take care of. Thankfully the remainder of the trip to Velen was uneventful, now we have to find a ship headed north to take us to our destination.

Our arrival in Velen lead us right down to the docks after a short bout of bickering amongst ourselves. Luckily I got my way because I was in no desire to be denied this afternoon. At the docks we were able to meet up the first mate of one of the few ships in town. When we greeted her she was in process of leading her crew through the unloading of the ship. Thankfully she was able to break away from her duties and give us a moment of her time. Pulling up several smaller crates next to a large one we sat and discussed out needs and weather or not they could meet our needs. Thankfully Burt was able to haggle the price down to a more reasonable level.

Having several days left in town before the ship was to leave port I spent the remainder of the time to myself reflecting. I’m torn with where I am supposed to be in my life. I had never thought I would become an adventurer for hire and leave behind the promise to my parents to find the man that destroyed our lives. Granted I have met some people and accomplished several things since then that have given life meaning. I just pray to the Gods above that I don’t let my parents down and that I am able to bring their souls the rest they need when I destroy Dragonfire.

During our time of rest we had an opportunity to meet the ships captain. He was a gnome of sorts I have never met. For his race he did not exhibit any of their common mannerisms, he was rather quiet and had a very stoic look about him. It was almost as though he had seen and done things in his life that never needed to meet the light of day again. But either way he was rather pleasant and im sure will leave this journey an easy one. The day came when we were to leave port and all our spirits were up and the seas beckoned us to join them.

The ship took to the sea with ease and traveled east along the peninsula and I would assume it would carry up north along the coast up to waterdeep. Of our little group I had been fairing pretty well to the see and managed to keep my gut in check and my head on straight. But as the first night fell the dangers of this trip started to show its ugly face… As we were settling in for the night we heard a cry come from the crows nest which went the entire crew scrambling to douse the lights. As I looked toward where the man had pointed I saw the outstretched wings of a small dragon. Being the size of a horse it was smaller for is kind but a dragon none the less.

Flying down low it surveyed the ship and circled around for its first attack. As it came round again it swooped in and grabbed a hold of the ropes and line that held the rigging and continued to fly off with it. Ripping and tearing our sails and riggings we endured several fly bys of the beast. I stayed up by the wheel and lit a pipe… Deciding that if I was to be taken out by this dragon I might as well have a nice pipe before I go. I puffed on my pipe watching the havoc taking place and was rather happy to see that the beast only left us immobile instead of dead. We all slept on edge wondering if it would return for a small meal or destroy the ship but it was all for nothing. We spent the following day making the repairs needed to the ship to continue our trip.

Sadly that is not where the woes of our trip had gone… We were soon set upon but pirates. We watched as their ship turned around and headed towards us. Bracing for a battle I stayed on the lower deck and went into a defense incase we were fired upon. As the grew nearer Calli had began her arrowed assault upon them and they too took to attack. As arrows were exchanged the men on the other ship tethered us with a grappling hook and rope which I quickly disposed of. With no enemies aboard our ship I was left to defend ourselves from being tethered. Thankfully several pirates swung across on ropes to board us. Avoiding the possibility of an extended battle most of them were knocked overboard and left to fend for themselves.

Being thirsty for action I took to the outer edge of the ship and ran across the deck, If they weren’t going to come over for me then I will go to them! Taking a leap of faith I jumped across to the enemy ship to engage on their turf. I quickly dispatched one of their men when I was attacked from above and entangled in one of the pirates nets. Luckily I was able to scramble out of it and I prepared for another assault on the enemies. Much to my surprise the pirates decided to start to flee when I readied my axe to take another life. I looked back to our ship in time to get entangle in a net yet again. Thankfully before the ships could separate too much Burt had thrown a rope within my grasp. Still trapped in the net I grabbed the rope and pulled myself of the enemies ship and fell to the waters below. After a short bath in the sea I was brought back onboard the ship headed north to continue our way to Waterdeep.

Pursuit of Answers, Finale

The Twentieth Day of Leaffall

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Milda Gullykin is a simple woman from a simple town that carries an astounding secret; she may know the location of a hidden stronghold of the unnamed mercenaries responsible for the attack on not only Mosstone, but also, apparently, against Port Kir. In the dead of night, Milda leads Idle Hands to a set of stairs in the middle of a meadow. The job, now, is to run a gauntlet of zombies and traps in pursuit of the robed figure Milda speaks of. At worst, perhaps a threat can be eliminated, but at best, maybe the mysterious individual can shed some light on the situation unfolding around the Wealdath.

Finnly Brogan

The door lead to a set of stairs that ended in a large natural cavern. Inside the cavern was what looked like a temple to the wizard we had seen on the statues through out the dungeon. There was a set of walls that separated the natural cavern floor from the tiled area of the temple. As we were venturing around the cavern we stumbled across several zombies that needed dispatching and it proved to be an easy task despite our brushes with death. While we took a short rest after our fight we saw several fire elementals burst forth from the statue and disappear deeper into the room. Deciding we should look into where the elementals were going to we started to talk through the opening between the walls dividing the cavern. Making our way through the floor gave out from beneath our feet blocking our way across.

Thinking on my feet I decided that I would avoid the issue of the fallen floor and I clamored on top of the wall to pass the wall. After setting foot on top of the wall the gargoyle watching over the cavern burst to life and attacked. Fighting back my blade cause no harm to the stone foe and from there I decided it would be best to jump from the wall before the creature decided to take my life. We all decided it would be smarter to just jump over the pit and continue or trek into the depths of the dungeon. Taking in the new area we have come upon we noticed there was more to the cavern than the statue. At the base we found piles of bodies new and old. Some even seemed to be relatively fresh and I decided we didn’t need any more zombies to battle so I lit some of the bodies on fire.

As the fire warmed the area we noticed several raised platforms ahead of us and a bridge that was burning connecting the two. As we got to the top of the stairs of the first platform we found a decaying living area that had several bookcases, a bed and a bathroom where I found some items of interest. There lay a fresh pack full of the regular supplies and a clean dress that was in the size of a Halfling. After a little raiding I decided to venture to the other side. I climbed down the wall of the one platform and used a hanging rope to climb to the other side. My companions and I searched the area and found the door at the end of the hall separating the platforms required some sort of mechanical assistance to open. We spent quite some time before we were able to figure out what opened them. With the help of several forges and the activation of a couple levers we were able to make our escape from the dungeon practically empty handed.

We made our way back into town where we found that the Halfling that brought us to search for the mysterious figure from the night of the attacks had never returned. Disappointed and feeling cheated out of the reward we deserved we took to the bath house to clean up and rest our weary bodies. We spent several days in Mosstone collecting herbs and plants form the forest and buying supplies to brew a few health potions for our future adventures. We came to the teahouse one morning where we found Kara speaking with one of the forest elves. We were informed that the elf had come to take us to Ayidh who was waiting for us in the mountains and had something to show us. We mounted our horses and followed the elf out of The Wealdath and into the snow laden mountains.

After trudging through the snow we found Ayidh sitting next to s small fire. We exchanged out pleasantries and rested shortly before we were taken to what we were summoned to see. Trekking through the snowy trees Ayidh pushed aside several branches revealing a decaying body of a black dragon. I collected some teeth as we tried to figure out how the beast had met its demise. Though we were unable to figure out the mystery we did learn the true reason for being summoned by Ayidh. He needed us to be his eyes and ears in Waterdeep. It seems his sources which he had relied on have been disappearing since the day the sundering and needs to have us help him out. With our debt to him still unpaid and my loyalty to the man who gave us our start I felt it was my duty to accept.

Pursuit of Answers, Continued

The Twentieth Day of Leaffall

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Milda Gullykin is a simple woman from a simple town that carries an astounding secret; she may know the location of a hidden stronghold of the unnamed mercenaries responsible for the attack on not only Mosstone, but also, apparently, against Port Kir. In the dead of night, Milda leads Idle Hands to a set of stairs in the middle of a meadow. The job, now, is to run a gauntlet of zombies and traps in pursuit of the robed figure Milda speaks of. At worst, perhaps a threat can be eliminated, but at best, maybe the mysterious individual can shed some light on the situation unfolding around the Wealdath.

Finnly Brogan

As soon as the fire elementals were dispatched we heard a shambling corpse from the other side of the room. As me made his way to us he set off a trap that bathed the room in flames. We made sure to take this corpse out without setting the trap off again. Through examining the room we found that in the center was a small brazier that was surrounded by runes that would glow when someone stepped into its proximity… only to trigger the flaming trap. From this central room there were many halls branching off in all directions. Slowly but surely we made our way into each hall that ended a majority of the time with a trap of sorts.

We made our way back into the central room and split ways, Calli and Burt went one direction and I decided to stay put for a bit. As they ventured off I decided to head down another hall where I found a fork that lead to one dead end and the other I didn’t venture too far into. While the others were off doing their thing I decided to pick up the body of the zombie in the central chamber and use it to set off a few traps to see the potential of their power. To my amusement I watched the body get slammed with thunder and then melted with acid while I stayed out of their grasps.

After playing with the traps I sat in the hall waiting for my cohorts. It seemed like hours had passed when I decided to track them down the hall they ventured into. Making my way down the hall I heard a small commotion and voiced around a corner. I decided to wait for one of them to come around the corner to scare them. Eventually Calli made her way around and I let loose a deafening roar! Sadly it had no effect on her and she just said hello and continued her way out of the hall. I followed them out and went back down the hall I had been sitting in to be surprised by the fact that they had made their way down a different one without me. So I took out some food and my water skin and had a short lunch while I waited for them.

When we met up again we finished up the hall I was in and found it lead into a room lined with wooden statues with weapons and a pool in the center. As we gazed at the room I decided to take a closer look at the statues, which jumped to life as I approached. I jumped back and decided it wouldn’t be wise to run passed the four statues lining the side wall fearing the loss of my life. As we contemplated the best way our But had mentioned that there was something weird about the pool of water in the room and it was best not to be involved with it. I decided to take my pickaxe handle and dip it in the liquid to see what would happen and sadly nothing did. So taking the easy way about things, I stood back as Burt cast his spells at the statues and one by one I took their lifeless bodies and threw them into the pool to make sure they couldn’t harm us again.

We all came to the end of the room and walked into a hall of miniature waterfalls of all sorts of colors. It opened up allowing the main path to split into three separate halls leading down about fifteen feet and meeting back at another junction. Down each hall was cascading colored water draining into the floor below. I tested the first three waterfalls in the hallways to see if any cause any ill effects and luckily was able to pass through safely. We all made out way through the waters and met before pass through the second set of falls and repeated going through the third set. As I finished clearing the third set of falls my pickaxe handle had burst into flames! I can only assume it was reaction from the water of the falls combining with the water from the pool in the room behind us. Whatever the cause was I decided to leave my axe handle behind and move forward through the door awaiting us.

After prying the door open we made our way down a set of stairs into a large room that had large gap separating the floor. Across from us were several zombies that had their minds on one thing, making us their next meal. As the shambled along they one by one fell into the pit and were impaled by the spikes below. As we gazed down upon them we saw several more fire elementals that just ignored the rotting messes and carried on their little patrols. While assessing the situation and our need to make our way to the other side my courage and stupidity got the best of me. As Calli and Burt were talking I backed myself up to the wall and ran full speed toward and made a jump…

Much to my surprise one of my feet was quicker than the other and I tripped plummeting to the depths of the pit barely missing the spikes below. As I made my way to my feet my companions threw a rope down as the elementals approached me. We quickly get myself back up to the floors above in time to ready ourselves for a battle with the rising elementals. We made quick work of them and then finalized a plan to “safely” cross the pit. We tied a rope around my waist and I jumped across to the other side without any incident. The others followed suit and we gathered ourselves and made our way into a room containing several zombies and a rather large statue of a menacing wizard holding a staff topped with a large crystal.

While gazing upon the statue one of the zombies walked into the side of it causing the room to erupt in flames. The flames shot down from the ceiling into the crystal and dispersed down the staff and into the room engulfing anything in its area. After killing the zombies we decided to experiment with the statue. The crystal on the staff was too enticing to pass up. After many failed attempts we decided to look for a way out of this area. We found stairs on either side of the room that led to separate rooms containing jail cells and decided there wasn’t much worth investigating there and made out way back up to the room with the statue.

At the back of the room containing the statue was a hall that had a grated floor and a door at the end of it. Beneath the grating was a pool of rancid green waters. Looking for pressure plates or trip wires I made my way across to the door successfully. Unfortunately as I attempted opening the door the room around me slid down into water below. To my fortune the water had no effect on me except to coat me in stench. Shortly after falling into the water the room raised itself back up and released my from my temporary prison. From there we made our way about the area trying to find a way out. Some time passed while we searched the rooms about us when we came upon some trap doors in the jail cells below. The doors lead to the bottom of the pit where I had fallen and at the other end was another door leading out…

Pursuit of Answers

The Twentieth Day of Leaffall

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Milda Gullykin is a simple woman from a simple town that carries an astounding secret; she may know the location of a hidden stronghold of the unnamed mercenaries responsible for the attack on not only Mosstone, but also, apparently, against Port Kir. In the dead of night, Milda leads Idle Hands to a set of stairs in the middle of a meadow. The job, now, is to run a gauntlet of zombies and traps in pursuit of the robed figure Milda speaks of. At worst, perhaps a threat can be eliminated, but at best, maybe the mysterious individual can shed some light on the situation unfolding around the Wealdath.

Finnly Brogan

I lowered a rope to my cohorts and attempted bring them out of the pit. When Calli was on her way up he had slipped and set off the blades and cut of our ropes. Prepping the other rope I tossed it down and managed to get the both of them out without much more incident. When we were all at the top we made our way down the flight of stairs and came to a small platform ending in a door. We used out bladed and pried the door open to reveal another small room before us. Being ready to keep making progress through the tomb I decided to head across the room to see where the halls at the end lead to.

Before I knew what had happened I found myself at the bottom of pit filled with iron spikes. The floor I had attempted to cross had come unhinged and spun around opening up the pit to its newest victim. Once I got back up to my feet I found myself under attack by a couple swarms of rats. Trying to unsuccessfully fend off my attackers I scrambled my way to the wall where Burt and Calli were standing above me. Jumping and yelling for help one of them finally threw a rope down and pulled me to safety. Atop the walls Burt and Calli continued their attacks on the rats. Calli’s flaming arrow and caught a few on fire and dispersed of the swarms. After they rats had left through a hole in one of the walls I climbed back down to investigate the pit and see how we cross safely.

Calli came down and joined me in my investigation and we found there were several holes in the wall at the ends of the swiveling floor. We went through our supplies and found that I had my old pick axe handle and Calli had a pick axe of her own. From there I had her stand on my shoulders and place one of the handles in one of the holes and repeated for the other side. With the floor stabilized we made out way back up and began our crossing. One by one we jumped the gap between the doorway and the floor and repeated to get to the other side. From there we split ways and went down the halls at the end of the room. Calli went one way and Burt and I went the other. Burt and I had found a crank with a chain and loop that upon turning the crank found it had brought the dropped floors and swivel back into a locked position making it easier for our return trip.

As we finished with the crank we heard a loud crash at the end of our hallway. We made our way to the end and found that the ceiling to the room before us was set up with a triggered floor that brought it crashing down with spikes upon its victims. Looking under the ceiling that had come down Burt and I found that a zombie had triggered the trap and we too it upon ourselves to lift the ceiling a few feet and bring it crashing down repeatedly upon it until it was officially dead. Calli had come around and helped us remove to zombies body from the room as we held the ceiling up. With a long period of searching out a way to make it across the room we decided to sleep for the day and way up refreshed to find our way across the room. Eventually we decided to all take turns holding the ceiling up high enough for one of us to crawl to the other side to safety. We did this until we all made it across safely.

After taking a short rest we continued down a hallway to find yet another open room. I decided to make my way across a little more strategically as opposed to the last room where I found myself an easy victim to its traps. Lining the rooms walls were carved faces of women with open mouths, not knowing what they did I proceeded carefully to reach the door at the end of the room. Slowly taking it one step at a time I used my old axe handle to push on each tile before I put my weight upon it. Luckily nothing had happened until the very last tile that I tested. As I pushed down with my axe handle I found out what the carved faces were there for. Before I could make a retreat I found myself surrounded by flames being spewed from the cravings mouth. I made my way back to safety and watched my friends attempt the crossing on their own. Once we found the trigger we decided to figure out how to open the door and cross its threshold without catching on fire again.

When we finally got the door open at the end we hopped over the trigger plates and found ourselves in yet another hallway. Sick of being the one to find all the traps I let the others lead the way down the hall. After a short travel we found ourselves at the face of a statue of an imp. With his mouth opened like the carvings of the faces we figured that it was another trap waiting for its next victim. We all too our turns hopping over the tile in front of the statue to avoid its painful breath. Before I crossed I decided to stick an apple in its mouth to possibly disable its attacks. Shortly after the wolf made its way passed the statue the trap was triggered and shot the apple from its mouth in a frosty icy blast. Not wasting any more time on the hall we made our way into another room.

To our surprise there were two fire elementals. We shuffled our positioning to give me the frontline advantage. While I was making direct melee attacks upon our foes Calli used her bow skills and was shooting our enemies from the back of the group. Being lined up in the hallway behind us the battle was up to me. Landing blow after blow I ended the lives of the elementals and we decided now would be a good time to take another rest before making our way through the rest of the tomb looking for the man our Halfling friend had told us about.

March of the Dead

The Seventeenth Day of Leaffall

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

It’s a dangerous implication, one that isn’t easy to swallow; Could the death of Selune really have been engineered? Is it even possible that a mortal could summon the power to destroy a goddess? And what about the suggestion that the murders of both Finnly’s and Albert’s families might be tied together in some way? And tied to Selune? What of Calliope’s family? Is there a connection there, as well? Ayidh d’Nuhl’s tale of far-flung wars that span millennia, re-incarnated evils with the power to corrupt whole priesthoods, the clashing of gods, and the possible genocide of entire species seems outrageous—particularly in the context of a relatively minor attack by undead against a small, nothing-town like Mosstone.

Still, there’s something about the scenario that he paints for three wandering adventurers in an otherwise nondescript teahouse that seems frighteningly tangible.

For now, though, the greatest threat would seem to be a lack of information. And as Ayidh leaves to learn more, or perhaps disprove his own theory, he asks Idle Hands to keep their eyes open and continue with their lives.

Finnly Brogan

Instead of taking immediate actions on tracking down Malfius and the source of the attackers we ended up reposting our ad on the bulletin board looking for work. Several days had come and gone and I picked up a few new supplies for myself when we go news of our first job! I was sitting in the teahouse when Dahrva came over and told me of a Halfling who was looking for us. She had let no details about the proposed job but told Dahrva we could find her in one of the inns.

We made our way to the inn where she was staying and found her eating at a table close to the door. It wasn’t that difficult to find her luckily. We swapped our greetings and dove down to business. She told us how her town was also attacked during The High Harvest time and her husband and son were killed before the town’s militia could respond to the attacks. As things were winding down she had noticed a strange shadowy figure standing at the towns gates that was turning to leave. She ended up following him to an old tomb but didn’t venture in for fear of losing her life.

When she returned to town she had heard news of us from the town where The Crimson Tread had been abolished. When she arrived there she was informed that we were based out of Mosstone and quickly made her way to see us. When we asked what our compensation for waking on the task she lowered her head and produced a small pouch of little coin. After losing her family and having so little to he name we offered to do the job if she were to provide word of our skills and adventures. She had agreed and I decided to offer her a place to stay in out cave. The town she was from is rather poor and giving her this chance in Mosstone just may turn her life around. I do hope she chooses to take the offer it will benefit her in the long run.

Leaving the inn we stopped at the teahouse and I introduced her to Kara and Dahrva, telling them she was welcome to use the spare key to the cave and stay with us. From there we made our way up to the tomb where we parted ways with many blessing bestowed upon us. After she left we went to the door of the tomb and made our way in. It took several tries to pry the doors open and when we finally did it revealed a long hallway with several smaller alcoves branching off of it. I had Calli and Burt stay behind while I snuck in to see what our situation was. Each alcove branching off the hall had four people laid to rest in shallow shelves inset on the walls.

Slowly making my way deeper into the hall I found an alcove with a zombie shambling into the far wall. Taking pity on its stupidity I decided to put it to rest. Raising my axe above my head I brought it down swiftly upon his skull and got a sick sense of satisfaction watching his lifeless body crumple to the floor. I made my way back to my companions and let them know the first portion of the hall was cleared and made my way back up the hall. Unfortunately I wasn’t as quiet this time around and managed to make enough noise to scare up several more zombies from down the depths of the hall. Burt and I formed a barrier between the zombies and the lower portion of the hall allowing their containment and the availability for Calli tostay behind and dispatch them with her arrows. Needless to say it was a rather successful tactic.

At the end of the hall we found two sets of stairs, one on either side of the hallway. We made our way to the bottom of the stairs to find several more zombies waiting for us. We fought them off and took a break and rested up before we made our way down the lower hall. This hall had a very similar but at the end this hall in place of the stairs was a stone sarcophagus. Burt and I approached the sarcophagus and grabbed hold of the lid and lifted it off and placed it on the ground. To our surprise there was nothing inside except an opening in the bottom leading to another room. Taking out my rope I lowered our lantern into the room below and was unable to really see much of anything. Weighing out our options we decided to lower Calli into the room below and have her look around. As her foot touched the floor a set of blades sealed off the opening and severed our rope. Turns out the floor below is was a pressure plate that activates the blades and severs the occupants way out.

Eventually we heard a call up from Calli for Burts help. I slowly lowered Burt in and began swinging him so he could avoid the pressure plate and the loss of another rope. I ended up spending quite some time alone at the top while those two messed around. Curiosity got the better of me and I began poking around trying to find something of interest. There were several spots on the walls that looked like they could be of some sort of use. Thinking they may be doors I began pressing on the walls that slowly moved backward. Twice I was surprised by spikes shooting into my body. After the nursing the pain I decided to use my pick axe handle to push on the last wall and was pleasantly surprised to find it to opened to another set of stairs. Before making my way down the stairs I was called to by my friends for help…

Ashes of the Harvest


The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Even as the attack winds down, the questions are just beginning. Where did these creatures come from? Who is responsible? And why? And just who were those mercenaries that conveniently disappeared just before the attack began?

Finnly Brogan

After al l the fighting was done we made our way up to the north gate where we heard some last remaining commotion. When we got up there we met up with the constable to get a status report and maybe some insight as to what happened and why. Much like ourselves he too had no idea why it happened and how many had been hurt or killed. We made ourselves available for assistance around town and ended up taking watch over the stables for the night. Morning came and we met up with the constable again and he offered whatever he could to repay us for saving the southern gate and helping where we could. Before making our rounds to check on our friends we left ourselves at his disposal if he needed.

Delivery day came for our supplies and we met at the cave to unload the cart. The unloading went well and we set all of our stuff up inside and left the carpenter to do his work building the wall. Heading back into town we made our goodbyes and headed out to Athkatla to go to a temple of Lethander. The trip up was rather uneventful which was a very pleasant change. Athkatla was rather large and extravagant and the temple district was a prime example of it. Anything that could be gilded in gold was and each building had to out do the others in a war of gold and luxury. The temple of Lethander was easy to find and we were able to get 500 gold for the helm we were gifted and there we took the money set some aside for paying Ayidh and the rest went into our company fund.

We wasted some time in Athkatla before heading home and eventually made the long trip back to our cave. There the wall was built and our home was one step closer to being complete. Im going to have to buy a lantern for near the door for guests to use when venturing into the dark… aside from that I have never felt more at home. I lit a fire by the little creek running through the cave and enjoyed the notion of being mostly self sustaining. The only thing we really need to work on is finding work to pay Ayidh off and becoming fully debt free. We took a rather large chunk out of our debt by selling the helm so if we keep on track of finding all sorts of treasures we can have it taken care of in no time.

As morning started to break we made our way into Mosstone and I took my usual post in the tea house waiting for work. Even through our message on the bulletin board had been torn away I still held hopes that someone had seen it before its removal. Burt and Calli went to see the constable to see what we could get in repayment for our help. We had discussed boarding of our horses in the towns corrals being covered and luckily the constable had agreed. While they were away I had a chance to talk to Kara and see how things have been… The only major issue was the whereabouts of Ayidh. It seems as though he had been called away and hasn’t been seen for quite some time. One of the forest elves had come and spoke with him and they left no details as to what was taking place.

My cohorts had returned with the news of our compensation and shortly after Ayidh had returned in rougher shape than we had left him. Without much word he places his pack and sword behind the counter of the tea house and made his way to our table with something with in his hand. It turns out the bundle he had was a clawed hand of the human scorpion things… It seems as though he had met up with them in the forest and had managed to do some damaged to one of them. The creatures had come from one of the nine hells and had just so happened to be what made quick work of the forest elves we went out to find. These creatures had been summoned by The Eye That Sees.

Through story Ayidh filled us in on the passed of The Eye That Sees. it’s a tale wrought with death and turbulence. Through the story Kara had closed up shop seeming to the tales within the shop. It was the cause of many tragedies and heartache. Stretching well over many centuries and is very much alive in the world we live in. The Eye That Sees was originally based off the eye of Helm. A creature claiming to be Helm had impressed his misleading thoughts and ways upon a priest of Helm and many followers took up his cause. Wars were fought and lives were lost over the lands and is much alive today. The Corrupter is making his place apperant in the lands in any way he can. At one point in time the corrupter had been pushed out of our world but his lieutenants were still alive and well.

One of the last remaining lieutenants Malfius started casting out a story in which elves were the cause of all that is wrong in this world. The elves and any non humans need to be destroyed in order to bring purity to the lands. Ayidh had killed Malfius and it seems as though his physical embodiment had been destroyed his spirit was very much alive and took upon another life… another life to take up where he left off. The destruction of Selune was just a small piece of what he has planned for the rest of the world… We learned more gruesome stories of what had happened after the loss of Selune and from there I gave myself to the battle to solve this problem cast upon our lands.

Festival of the High Harvest

The Thirtieth Day of The Fading

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

To the folk of Mosstone, Highharvestide doesn’t mean quite the same thing as it does elsewhere. Here, the High Harvest Festival is a little more laid-back, a little more care-free. It is a day and evening for delicious food, exotic drinks, and small games and gatherings shared by the entire community. Unless the weather is foul (a rarity), it is a grave offense (by Mosstone standards) to be caught ‘indoors,’ instead of out enjoying the last of the summer sun and the bright company of friends. Stalls are set up throughout the town, selling anything and everything, from treats to baubles to flowers. Since Mosstone doesn’t depend on the seasonal harvesting of food-crops, the majority of the ‘Harvest’ is relegated to the orchards within town. Long ago, this activity was turned into a game; the children of town race about, collecting as many apples and pears from the ample trees as possible, all the while to the cheering of their parents and neighbors. With little more at stake than bragging rights, the Harvest Festival is a time of relaxation and merry-making, a time for planning trips and projects before the rains come, and for enjoying the fine weather that the Firedrake Bay has to offer.

Finnly Brogan

Tea came to our table, we warmed ourselves and settled down to chat. I decided to share the spoils of our last adventure with my cohorts and show our work wasn’t for nothing. Reaching into my pack I bypassed the helm and grabbed an apple size stone and placed it on the table. Oddly enough I was able to trick them into believing that was our gift from the grieved spirit. With a few chuckles to myself I decided to share the true gift that was bestowed upon us. Placing the helm on the table Burt examined it and told us of its origin. Being a helm of Lethander it has special meaning to the right people… Possibly up to 500 gold in value if sold to a temple! Much joy came to my heart hearing of its value and the kind of relief it would bring to the debt we hold with Ayidh.

Leaving the tea house we went about town and ordered furniture and supplies for our cave dwelling on the coast. We hired a carpenter to start work on building a wall and door at the mouth of the cave to make it more secure and home like. We all ordered tents, beds and miscellaneous furniture for our homes and laid stakes in different parts of the cave as our own. Our order and workman will be arriving at our new home a day or so after High Harvest. After their arrival we will set up our tents and head up to Athkatla to a temple of Lethander to sell the helm. By the time we return our cave wall will have been built and our home will be nearly finished. For the time being we decided to stay in one of the inns for the night and be in town for the morning of High Harvest.

Morning greeted us with the anticipation of the festival and merriment. I decided to paint a harvest design on the left side of my face and set off into the streets to take in what the community has to offer. The street stalls were being set up and everyone busied themselves setting up for the day. The air was buzzing with laughter and conversation as the day drew on. I went out and bought a few flowers and went off the stall outside the tea house. There I gave one of the flowers to Darva and a warm smile. The other I gave to Kara with a gentle bow. From there my cohorts and went off and enjoyed some of the games taking place in the streets.

On the way down to the orchards we saw a few tables set up for a little friendly competition in arm wrestling. I saddled up to the table to show off my strength and have some fun. My first competitor was a strange person who was new to the town, possibly visiting for the High Harvest Festival. There we locked hands, made a friendly wager and began our battle. With a few wavers back and forth I took victory and gave him a warm handshake and a friendly pat on the back. As I took in the energy of the crowd my next victim took his seat across from me… Steeleye brought up his arm and took up my hand for his go at me. I was more than delighted to have the chance to engage in the festivities with someone who meant so much to me… Thankfully I defeated him, saving face, a warm hug was given and laughs were exchanged.

We made our way down to the harvest races to watch the children take part in the fun. Children and parents laughed and had their fill of fun. As we were leaving the races we heard the cries of “THIEF” ring through the streets. Weapons in had we took flight to the cries to lend out assistance. There we found a man on the ground bloodied and one of the strange merchants we had met earlier in the day. He took up his shield and blade and engaged in battle. We fought him hard and brought him close to death when he drew a blade from behind his shield and took his own life. The stone at the end of the hilt began glowing and pulsing and burst forth from his chest. His dead body rose to its feet, the dagger began giving off a field of smoke around it and from the smoke burst zombies.

It seemed as though the creatures would never stop coming through the Smokey portal on top of the fact that the thief we had killed kept rising after what seemed like certain death. Thankfully Burt had managed to slay the thief and bring an end to the endless supply of minions. We gave aid to the injured commoner and made way to the sounds of battle to the south. There we were met with the same scene as up north. Except this time there were more portals and militia to help the fight. We continued the siege as a large creature leapt from one of the portals. It was a almost part human and part scorpion for lack of better description. It started in on us and tried to make quick work of our lives.

Slowly but surly we managed to weaken the creature and seemed as thought it were close to death. Unfortunately it made a hasty retreat. We took note of what we had left and what was taking place around us… It saddens my soul to have my home attacked during a time of joy and happiness…

The Black Tomb of the Corsair

The Twenty-Eighth Day of The Fading

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

King Haerdrak II, the “Corsair Prince,” was much loved by Tethyr, and the monument marking his tomb along the Firedrake Road, 20 miles north/northwest of Mosstone, was one of the few to survive ruin at the hands of rampaging common-folk during Tethyr’s Black Days. His tomb is much as the great king, himself, had been in life; simple but strong, without the frills or fanciful, ‘needless’ displays of frivolous wealth that his usurper uncle, Kymer the Shade King, had been known for. In all of Tethyr, he had said, the small cove beneath where his tomb had eventually been built had afforded him the best view of the sea, looking between both peninsulas out to the open sea.

Today, Haerdrak’s tomb is far less grand than it once was. Decades of neglect have given the wildlife plenty of time to deface it, the great basalt pillars once marking his resting place having crumbled or been knocked down in the years since it was constructed. What riches he was buried with have long since been plundered, and his body desecrated. His spirit, now restlessly wandering the Firedrake road, searching for stout-hearted folk that might avenge him.

Finnly Brogan

Morning came and greeted us with the usual breakfast at the inn and the prospect of kings tomb tantalizing our thoughts. We made quick work of our morning meal and left town on foot to spare ourselves the possibility of our horses giving us away to ogres. as we had planned we ended our first day by setting up camp a few hours away from where the tomb was said to be and planned on finding it the following day. Again morning came and we continued our journey.

Calli picked up on a path that had been overgrown that ended up leading us to the tomb that we were seeking. What was once a place of remembrance of a king was now a demolished mess of its older glories. Where a statue once stood stone ankles and rubble filled its place and the once proud columns were ruins. We scouted the area from the top before we made our way down the side stairs to where the final resting place took up residence. At the bottom of the stairs we were met with the stench of crap and the sad sight of what remained of the kinds resting place.

The doors to the tomb were no longer where they were originally placed. One lay on the floor inside the tomb and the other was no where to be seen. There were piles of feces and rubble all about the floor. Nature had taken its opportunity to move in and took foot hold where it could. I lit some of the torches on the walls and brought some light back to the dank home of a passed king. With light warming the room we found the lid to the coffin had bee thrown aside leaving the body inside to the elements. Burt and I took some time to place the lid back on the stone coffin and pick up the door and place it against the wall.

While we made use of our time cleaning we heard the sound of creatures in the distance. We took to silence and began our observation. Some time had passed before we were able to spot two ogres carrying large cages full of sea life. The two creatures seemed to be rather keen on their duties and didn’t seem to notice us watching them. Slowly they made their way up their path and the memories of the kinds ghostly request for vengeance came to mind. Assuming these two may be the culprits for the tombs desecration I took to action. I dug through my pack and pulled out my trusty duck call. With my lungs full of air I let loose a mighty “QUACK”.

The ogres turned, dropped their bounty and set off in a run towards us. With the intent of smashing us into puddles of goop we set to defend ourselves. Weapons unsheathed and hopes for a bloody fight we unleashed our strength on our foes. Blades flashing and arrows flying we fought the beasts and made quick work of their lives. Staying in fashion of keeping the tomb clean I decided I would dump the bodies off the cliff into the ocean when I was stopped by Burt. Calli had noticed gems in the hair of one of the ogres and Burt decided to check the body I was rolling before it was eaten up by the sea below. Bodies disposed of I retrieved their cages of sea life and we made plans to feast on crab when night fell.

Making due with the remainder of the day we set foot on the ogres trail and ended up finding their camp. Under the canopy of the might shadow tops we found a clearing where the ogres made home. Several of the large trees had been brought down and laid over a ditch in effort to make a home. Outside we found three ogres about the same size as out two previous foes and one large female. We stayed in hiding observing them when one caught scent of us. Luckily we were hidden well and weren’t immediately noticed. One of the smaller ogres had come a little too close for comfort and I decided once again my blade shall taste blood this day.

I leapt from my bush and fought a fierce battle. Quickly we were surrounded by our towering foes and I set my heart into a log hard fight for our lives. Blades, arrows and clubs flew wildly for what seemed an eternity. Many times I felt as if I was within deaths grasp but somehow managed to keep up my energy. At one point in our battle I fought bloodied inches from my last breath when what seemed the hands of an angel gave forth to me the life I needed to carry on… Calli had ventured into range of the beasts to bestow her potions of healing upon me. Without her generosity I may not have lived through he slaying of the ogress. Eternity came to and end as the ogress finally fell and we took advantage of the silence and safety to take a well deserved rest.

When we had caught our breath and calmed our nerves we raided the ogres camp and came out with treasures. Calli had taken a blade from the club of the ogress and claimed it as her new weapon and Burt and I shared the gold and gems from their bodies. With the vision of fresh crab in my mind we set back to the tomb and set up camp and ate a well deserved meal. I took my watch as the others slept and made my way down the stairs to the room below. There I found the spirit of the departed king and received a warm motion of thanks for cleansing his home. As I gave a short bow of respect the spirit pointed to a spot on the steps up to his coffin that I had missed when cleaning out the room. there I found a hollowed stone and below it was a helm of gold and silver fit for the passed king. I placed the helm in my pack to later bestow upon my companions and ended my watch.

We woke the next morning sore and spattered in dried ogre blood but none the less refreshed. We set out along the coast on our way home where the sea air filled our lungs and the calming sound of the waves settled our souls. The storm that was in the distance that morning had finally come upon land I had spotted the mouth of a cave in which we took refuge. Venturing in we found a large vast cave with a couple little ponds and a stream. I had seen the cave in the passed but the tides had limited my ability to explore it. With the moon gone and tides long extinct this cave just may very well become a cozy place to set up a home and a base of operation for Idle Hands… I just may have to talk with Ayidh and see if I can take another loan for supplies and builders until more coin come our direction.

We set up camp in the cave for the night and made our way back into Mosstone first thing in the morning. The morning was damp but the walk went smooth. Chilled from the night before we made our way into the tea house and settled down for some warming. Something tells me life may be turning towards the brighter side…

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