Enter the Thief
Be careful what you wish for.

The Eleventh Day of Nightal

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Winter in Nashkel is a dreary, boring affair. With the snow comes a drought of travelers. Much like a bear, the natives of Nashkel settle in for lazy days, huddled around small, careful fires and cozy hearths to wait out the Frostmaiden’s unforgiving breath. Without caravans to tend, The Outfitter closes its doors entirely, shifting their focus from business to construction, building the tools and products for the coming trade season. Trappers seldom venture out, the game in the hills rarely worth the struggle. Farmers toil all the same, sheltering their flocks within crowded barns.

The days are long and boring for the majority of Nashkel, trapped within their homes by the weather. Taverns that cater to travelers and traders during The Season turn, instead, to their neighbors.

The beginning of each tenday marks ‘pay day’ for Keira Fischer, a young local employed at the Night Light Inn. During a typical evening of thankless toil, Keira comes to find her coin purse has vanished. A brief, panicked search is interrupted by a new face in the tavern, a sullen Finnly Brogan. When the dwarf confronts Ries Kensiddar, owner of The Night Light, and demands the return of his money, Keira begins to suspect that her missing money might not have been caused by carelessness after all.

After starting a ruckus in the tavern’s upstairs lobby, overturning tables and chairs and enraging a local militia veteran, Finnly leads a chase of Ardis Phell, a young boy from Athkatla who displays a touch of The Art. Drawing her dagger, Keira brings the chase to a quick end, attacking the boy viciously. Gaining the upper hand, Finnly drives the boy into the snow and pins him to the ground, waiting for the Constable on duty to arrive and straighten the situation. Taking advantage of the situation, Keira decides she’s not satisfied with regaining her own money, choosing instead to steal from the boy’s ill-gotten collection before the marshal could intervene. After a brief argument, the Marshal drags the protesting boy to the barracks, ordering Finnly to return to the Night Light to clean up the lobby and to repair the door he broke in his chase, while Keira, quietly, pocketted her new coins before returning to her otherwise boring routine.

In the Begining...
Life in the Forgotten Realms

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