The Sixteenth Day of The Fading

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Ships of all shapes and colors float into the docks of Velen at all hours, filling its streets with rabble-rousing sailors and sharp-eyed tradesmen. Business is swift without the cut-throat viciousness of Athkatla or Murann. The people live a step or two removed from the rest of Tethyr, isolated on the tip of the Dragon’s Head and cut off from most land travel, but it doesn’t seem to change the hearty folk that call Velen home.

Duke Llachior Blackthorn’s manor may be just beyond the western walls of Velen, but the seat of his Duchy is a day and a half east in Castle Tordraken. Soon, the Miners of Nashkel will be able to turn their attentions back to more pressing matters.

Finnly Brogan

I ended up finding Ayidh in one of the inns, I sat with him and took in a meal hopefully not with interruption. We sat and talked about our travels since we parted ways and were shortly joined by the remaining of our group. As we talked Ayidh had informed us that the costs for our charter had raised since he last known of their costs. Sadly we were far from short on the funding needed. We contemplated the need to be a legitimate charter to do our work and came to the conclusion we would have to find work to make up the difference. With the new plan in place Ayidh placed a pouch on the table and made us an offer. Inside the pouch was a small fortune in gems for us in exchange for first priority to Ayidh’s requests and full repayment. I took some time to think this over I pledged my loyalty to Ayidh and his request under the condition that we would only take the amount we needed for our charter.

We spend the evening talking about the lore of Velen and celebrated with the new found hope for our company. Sleep greeted us happily and the following morning came quickly. We went to the town jeweler and exchanged the gems for a slip to claim their value in gold. We went down to the docks and made the exchange. As agreed upon Ayidh received the left over gold after I took what we needed for our charter. Ayidh and I met up with Calli and Burt at the inn where they finished their morning meal and we left to collect our charter. The journey to collect the charter went smoothly and we became official. Returning to Velen we stayed the night and started our trip back to Mosstone the following morning.

Traveling took some time but we made it to the halfway point of the quiet fishing town. There I partook in quite a large amount of soup and enjoyed it in peace. The towns people gave us a collection they took when they found we had cured their town of the crimson tread. I passed up the offer and let my two companions take full claim of our gift. Seeing the paid for what we have gone through seemed fair payment for myself. I feel that I have dragged them through a lot for my own selfish desire to be self employed, I have been gifted to have such trusting and loyal friends. We took up a room and left the town the next morning.

Between the fishing town and home we set up camp several nights. Each night we were approached by a spirit that seemed to be beckoning our assistance. The first night we saw this noble spirit we were unable to hear his requests. The following night yielded what we needed to hear to lend a helping hand. He told us that his tomb had be defiled by ogres and asked us to cleanse his final resting place and vanished. Wondering where we may find this tomb we made our way back into Mosstone and with some time of investigation we were told where we may find the tomb. We decided to set out the next day and see what we could do to help the pleading spirit. Before we went to sleep we raised out glasses at the formation of our new company and The Idle Hands Partnership took on yet another quest to build our reputation.

The Crimson Tread

The Tenth Day of The Fading

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Jhaansciim is a quaint little fishing village along the Firedrake Road. Living simple lives, removed from the world around them, Jhaansciim’s folk generally keep to themselves and don’t interact much even with those few travelers that stop on their way through the Dragon’s Neck.

Their lives aren’t quite as peaceful as it might seem, though, for the people of Jhaansciim harbor a secret dread.

And that dread, it would seem, has found its next target.

Finnly Brogan

Tonight we were rudely awoken with commotion from outside out tents. As I slowly arose I took my axe in hand and came out to find Calli being attacked by her wolf. It was hard to figure out if the creature had gone rabid or was possibly reacting oddly to Calli’s infliction of the crimson tread. I advanced and attacked the animal hoping it would snap it back into reality. Several times Calli approached the wolf trying to calm it only to have me push her away from her attacker. After several attacks on the creature Calli finally secured a rope around the wolf and tied her to a nearby tree. Burt and I went back to sleep while Calli stayed awake watching over her companion.

Morning came without any further ruckus and the wolf seemed to come back to its senses. We felt she was trustworthy enough to continue our journey to Velen. The days travel brought us into a strange town that had an odd feeling to it. The entire town felt kinda shifty. Making our way to the inn Burt and I settled down for some dinner and Calli took the horses to the stables. While we ate there came the cry of Calli for help. Reluctantly we left the inn to find a pack of rabid dogs attacking her. We made quick work of the animals and sent right back to our meals. I am growing very tired of these random fights… I would be more than happy to get our travels over with and get to work on forming our work for hire.

With barely another spoonful of my meal a thick black fog began pouring into the inn. Hoping it was nothing more than an odd weather patterns I tried to ignore it. Sadly the fog took shape into a man and advanced on Calli. The being that took shape had the symptoms of the crimson tread of a bleeding left foot. Possibly this could Calli’s affliction taken form. We fought the being hard and thought we had slain the attacker. The being formed again and came through the wall and attacked again. With one strong swing my axe and destroyed the being in a spray of blood and screams. I sat back down and finished my meal as the local authorities and people came to the inn to hear about the battle and gladly order their new hero’s drinks… How could I decline such offers?

A night of drinks and stories ended in a restful slumber. We woke and made our way to Velen. Assuming we had taken care of Calli’s affliction we decided not to take the short cut through the forests and went around the coast. Our travels went smoothly and our companion had yet to pass away when the ten day ended. We arrived at Velen and Calli and Burt headed over the Shrine of Helm and I went to find Ayidh. Thank the Gods we have arrived… maybe we can accomplish something now.

A Day of Rest

The Fourth Day of The Fading

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Manic and terrified, the half-drow druidess Liora Leaffalling has been returned to her brethren. With little more than their thanks to offer in return, it’s nonetheless refreshing to be able to help. The road, from here, is less than clear. The next signpost points to Velen, but the entirety of the world is open to explore.

And, closer to home, the Miners of Nashkel have more pressing worries than of charters and money.

Finnly Brogan

Our day took us to Kirgard where we were to exchange our letter of recommendation before heading to Velen. The gentleman we were supposed to meet up with was out taking care of some business so we had the clerk process our request. A few hours later we got what we needed and headed north going through Mosstone and up along the costal highway. Our travels went smooth and we eventually made it to a small fishing town that seemed as though it had been through a long lifetime of storms. Making our way to the inn for the night we ate our evening meals and made our way to the stables to take care of our horses before heading to bed.

In the coral we prepped out horses for the night when Calli brought something interesting to our attention. It seemed as though her left foot has been making bloody footprints. We did some experimentation and couldn’t figure out why it was happening. Her foot was free of injury and it made no difference if her boot was on of off. I went in and asked the inn keeper if she knew what was going on and we were informed that it was a curse that has been plaguing the town for years. The plague came about after a boy who had been tormented by the other children had disappeared. Shortly after his disappearance the children who teased him had come down with this infliction and within a ten day they would die.

We continued out experiments and did some investigation for the next 2 days and came up with nothing. No one around town seemed to have any information on how to cure or delay the curse and there was no information as to what happened to the missing boy. We stayed the night in the old rundown house he grew up in hoping that his spirit or one of his family could enlighten us. Over time nothing had changed and we were just as clueless as we were when Calli was first inflicted.

On the second morning I decided to take a ride up the road and along the coast to clear my mind and work some things out in my head. The fresh morning costal air cleared my mind and lungs but brought forth no new ideas. Figuring it was time to leave town and meet up with Ayidh I headed back to meet up with my cohorts. Corralling my horse I went back into the inn and found my companions had gone missing. I took this opportunity to have breakfast and relax for a bit before heading out on the road again. I grew concerned when they had no returned by the time lunch came about. Eventually they made their way to the inn and it turned out they had gone out looking for me with concern I had left them behind.

Leaving town with more on our plate than before and less of a clue on what to do about it our travel seemed to last forever. We made camp the first night and decided with the ten day drawing upon is quickly we might have to take a short cut to get to Velen before Calli meets her doom from the curse. Hopefully our trek off the main roads doesn’t end us all…

The Forest of Tethir

The Twenty-Fifth Day of Highsun

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Following a hunch, the party stumbles upon the remains of the Dreamwalkers, one of the Suldusk Elves’ missing clans. The scene isn’t pretty, and it begs more questions than it answers. What became of the elves? What inspired the strange marks upon the landscape? And where are the rest of them, or their homes?

Why couldn’t the Suldusk find them on their own?

The hunt is on, now, for the missing druidess, Liora Leaffalling. One can only hope that what befell the Dreamwalkers has not also claimed the young woman, as well.

Finnly Brogan

As the afternoon wore on Burt and I were asked by Ayidh to collect some firewood. We both went out and picked up pieces here and there wondering why we would need a fire during the day time. Upon return we placed the wood on the ground and Ayidh started up a fire and added a potpourri to the embers. The smoke had a warm almost fruity scent that Ayidh said would bring the elves of the forest to us. With many questions in my mind still being unanswered we made our camp in the trees and welcomed sleep happily.

The night crept by slowly until Burt and I were awoken by an unseen force. I sat up in my hammock and looked down upon the forest floor to see what had woken us. There I saw Ayidh with his bow drawn staring deep into the night. I climbed down slowly, drew my ax and joined Ayidh. I gazed deep into the forest seeing nothing but trees and shadows… I took strong notice upon a couple shadows that seemed to have minds of their own. They moved freely from the shadows cast by the trees in a unnatural fashion. As the seconds passed more and more shadows appeared and began their slow advance on us and attacked. For being awoke in the middle of the night and having to fight creatures dark as night themselves we fared well. We gathered ourselves after battle and went to sleep. I however stayed awake on watch.

The morning drew closer and ever so slowly the remaining of our group woke up. The day drug on slowly as we waited for the forest elves to come to us. Morning and part of the afternoon had passed before Ayidh took guard and we caught our first sight of the elves. They made their presence known and entered out camp. Ayidh spoke with them and got word that they had seen the druid north east from where we were. Pleasantries were exchanged and we made our way deeper into the forest relying highly on the information the elves had provided. Several days had passed and night fell and we made camp in the trees yet again.

During my watch caught glimpse of something in the night. I woke Ayidh for a second set of eyes and that is when we spotted her. Stark naked in the night forest was our druid running from something we had yet to see. As we advanced to greet the druid we saw the beasts pursuing her… several giant spiders. After slaying six giant spiders we were able to persuade the dark elf that we meant her no harm and spent the remainder of the night watching her so she didn’t run again. With the missing druid in our possession we made our way back to The Glade. As we got closer Ayidh made his way back to town and we returned the druid to her people. Greeted so gratefully by the druids they took their companion in and offered up their help in any way possible in the future.

While we were returning the druid to her people Ayidh told our story to people in Mosstone and managed to procure a letter of recommendation from the town law enforcement. With this in our possession my plan to become mercenaries was one step closer to reality. While we feasted at the inn we got our letter and fed on real food for the first time in over a ten day. While we ate Burt filled us in on what happened the night he found himself in the orchard. It turns out he had awoken with a dead chicken in his hands and the taste of feathers and blood in his mouth. Why he had let us feel safe with him the forest by withholding such information I do not know. From there we decided Calli and I would take watch over Burt for the night and take him to the druids for help in the morning.

Ayidh had left town and set out for information and planned on meeting us in Velen. We ate a quick breakfast and headed out to meet the druids. When we arrived we shared the story of the shadow in Burt and asked for their help. The druid with us had offered all the help he could but honestly couldn’t do much for us. He had suggested that we go to a temple of Helm where Burt could gain assistance from his fellow clerics and get the help he really needed. With one more stop on our plate we are a few days away from meeting up with Ayidh and one step closer to full time work.


The Twenty-Third Day of Highsun

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

After a month on the road, the promise of rest is tantalizing. The balmy, humid air of Tethyr is softened and cooled by the towering trees of The Wealdath Forest. It’s the dawning of a new day, where almost anything is possible. The question, now, is…where to start?

Finnly Brogan

Sleeping last night was rather pointless… the excitement of being back in Mosstone has kept me awake. With that hindering my rest I woke early and went down to have breakfast. Being back home I felt no need for my armor and weapons… felt weird not being on guard for the first time in months. Shortly after I started eating I was joined by Calli and the wolf. We ate in a rather odd silence until we were joined by Burt… who came in through the front door… half naked… covered in scratches. He greeted us as though nothing happened and went up to his room to dress. I followed him up shortly to see if I could figure out why he was outside but all he would say is that he woke in the orchard and doesn’t know why. We returned to the table and finished breakfast in silence.

After the sun rose we took to the streets an I decided introductions and a tour/shopping sounded like fun. We made our way up to Steeleye’s and found Avery cleaning shop and Steeleye out doing his morning errands. Knowing what his normal mornings looked like we traveled to the local stores and did some shopping. I bought a new cloak, some face paint and a saucer for fires if I ever found myself in the forest at night. Calli wanted some boots so we made out way to the tanner and I went back to the inn put my cloak on and painted a dwarven design on the left side of my face… embracing my past Mosstone life. Afterwards we met up at the tanner and made our way back to meet Steeleye. We made out introductions and continued out shopping.

When our coin pouches were lightened I decided I had delayed this long enough… We made out way to Amaraths to meet up with my main reason for returning to Mosstone. Amaraths was pretty much the same way I had left it… Warm, inviting and filled with the scent of teas and pastries. Sitting at one of the tables I found Dharma one of the women who worked there. She turned and greeted me warmly and motioned us to the counter. I ordered some tea and goodies for us all and we took a seat and I took the opportunity to fill my cohorts in on my master plan. Filling them in on my “Adventurers for hire” plan we agreed on our equal pay for quests and ironed out a few details… the only thing remaining now is finding a name for out group… but that can wait until work starts flowing in.

Business down, it was time to find Kara. I rose from my seat and before I could ask Dharma where I may find her I saw her in the kitchen cooking something up. I my way back and leaned against the door way and said hello. As expected she was ecstatic and greeted me in a whirlwind of hugs and question upon question. Answering them as efficiently as I could we made out way back to the table and introduced her to my partners. From there we made plans for a picnic on the coast and a day of relaxation and catching up.

We went back to the inn, got our stuff together and made our way to the stables. Mounted on our horses we made our way to the coast. The trip took a while but conversation with Kara made it seem quick. Arriving on the coast we laid out blankets down and enjoyed some treats and conversation. Through talking we learned that a druid had gone missing in the forest around the time of the loss of the moon. I figured it may be a good quest to take up to get our name out there as adventurers. We finished up our time of relaxation and made our way back to town.

With our horses back in the coral we made or way to the town gates. There we saw Ayidh for the first time since we arrived in Mosstone. I shouted eagerly to Ayidh to introduce him to the reason for my return. He bid farewell to an elf who gave him a salute and turned to greet us. There he stopped in his tracks as though stunned… I followed his eyes to what had taken his gaze… Kara. There too she was stopped in her tracks awestruck by Ayidh. They ran to each other and wrapped each other in their arms. Afterward we made our way back into town and got prepared for trek to The Glade. The entire walk in town was quite awkward. Ayidh was very quiet and Kara was acting rather sheepish toward him… Im having troubles figuring out what has take place between these two… with more time im sure I will figure it out.

Shortly after our return we se out for The Glade to get more information about the missing druid. Trekking through the forest we finally came to an opening that revealed a large druid place of worship. We tracked down a druid who could fill us in on what happened to their missing companion. It turns out she had set out before the destruction of the moon and it was unclear if she herself had gone mad or had been the victim of the rabid. Her journey deep into the Wealdalth had taken far too long and her fellow druids were rather concerned. I decided we should go find her when we were made aware that the elves of the forest may not be too fond of our intrusion into their forest. With much thought we decided it would in our best interest to tack down the missing elf clan The Dream Walkers. If we were able to track down the missing elves maybe we would receive their blessings as we enter their land.

Before setting out we returned to town and decided to take off on our trip in the morning after a good nights sleep. We ate our dinner and made our way to our rooms and took part in a good nights sleep. Waking early we had breakfast and all met up in the inn. Getting or game plan down we grabbed out possessions and took them to Kara for safe keeping and set out into the forest. Our first day into the forest came up fruitless. We had stopped at a stream to see if there may be any inclination as to where the elves could have gone. With no luck we set up camp and slept in the trees. The following morning was damp and didn’t make our quest any easier. Half day had come and gone by the time Ayidh cautioned us to take guard. He had spotted a boot from behind a tree and crept forward to investigate. A short time passed when he had rose and beckoned us forward… there we found a massacre.

All about the forest floor and tree limbs were the bodies of a dozen elves. Upon investigation Ayidh had confirmed their identity as the missing elf clan. All around the bodies were signs of a massive attack. Char marks and broken bodies littered toe forest and left very few clues as to how they met their demise. Thinking out all possibilities we ruled out the act of a dragon and came to the conclusion it must have been dark magic that had taken their lives.

A little way from the bodies Calli had found a strange black rock laying in a char mark on the ground. I reached out to touch it and was greeted with a bone chilling cold shock that went through my body. It was then I decided to make a decision for Burt… I took his hand and put it upon the strange rock. He started whirling and stumbling about and it seemed as though he was suffocating. Ayidh reacted fast and slammed him upon a tree with his hand around is throat. Something very dark had happened to him that we couldn’t figure out. After assuring Burts safety Ayidh took up the strange stone and decided to investigate. As he studied and tumbled the stone in his hand his studious demeanor turned into a fear or hatred toward it.

He cast the stone to the ground and after a short time he told us why he had responded in such a manner. Apparently the stone was attracted to one of the trinkets that hung around his neck. It was the ashes of his wife that had caused the reaction. When he collected his thoughts it came to him that the stone had contained the magic that may have cause the death of his wife and the destruction of his home town. He then asked me if I had my mysterious dagger on me. Luckily it was one of the few items I had left behind in the care of Kara. He unwrapped the dagger and approached the stone that lay lifeless upon the forest floor. As he came upon the stone he touched the blade to the stone and an eruption of smoke burst forth from the stone blocking all our sight for short period of time. We tried to figure out what had happened and came to the conclusion it was for the better that the stone had been destroyed.

We collected ourselves and began to bury the bodies for the other elves to take care of in their own rituals. If we just buried them before we told the forest elves of their missing clan we my never receive their blessing to venture deeper into the forest. Ayidh insisted that we would be fine on our quest for the druid if we just left the bodies and carried on our way. I hounded him for an answer as to why and he said that with him by our side the elves would not hassle us through our journey… Why would he have such influence over the elves? Why is he so important to them? Without the answers that I needed we took to our feet and set out deeper into the trees on the quest to find out missing druid.


The Thirteenth Day of Highsun

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

The mood of the caravan is one of excited impatience. The road has been long, and the men and women of Nashkel are looking forward to being with their families again. Even the horses seem to understand that the end of the road is within reach, stamping and snorting, as if eager to get moving.

Finnly Brogan

Nashkel is just like we left it, except for a few more graves. Everyone seems weary after the event that changed out nights and days. The arrival of the caravan seems to have brightened the spirit’s a bit. We finished the caravan escort and had until the following morning to collect our pay. As usual Ayidh had disappeared before entering town and oddly enough Calli left as well, I can only assume to visit her uncle and get some rest. Burt and I went to The Dragon and enjoyed some drink and relaxation. After a while I visited the barracks to speak with the clerk. He filled me in on how the town has handled itself since the loss of the moon. It seems they have experienced very few rabid people and just seem to be more melancholy than before… understandable.

I returned to The Dragon for another drink with Burt when I decided it would be a good idea to track Ayidh down. Luckily I didn’t have to look far when I trekked into the Northern Light and found him sitting at a table enjoying a meal and drink. I sat across from him and we ended up talking well into the evening about out past lives and our plans for traveling to Mosstone. We seem to have shared similar aspects to our lives before our adventures, though his nightmares have seemed to leave me speechless upon their telling. Oddly enough afterwards I feel a little closer to the stranger that has graced out ranks over the last several weeks. He seems slightly more human after hearing his stories. With tales told and companionship a little stronger we set off to sleep and greeted the following morning.

We met up with the caravan leader and collected out pay for our services and bid the town farewell. With my feet on the road and Mosstone in my sights there was nothing stopping me now. Our trip seemed to be going a little to smooth until we ran into an ogre. I thought we might be able to sneak around it while it made a quick meal of a coyote but I was wrong. For what seemed like no reason at all Calli attacked! The beast charged and knocked Burt and I back a few feet and we began our attack. With the help of Burt and Calli we made quick work of his short life and managed to wipe the existence of this ogre out. Through the battle Ayidh stayed back and seemed as though he wanted to observe up instead of participating. I have no clue why he chose to do that but we managed without him.

The trek through The Cloud Peaks went eventless after our little battle and we made our way to Crimmor. There we took a short break and decided to make our travels a little easier. Wandering through the streets we made our way to the town stables. There we bought ourselves horses. Out of the choices of steeds I found a beautiful paint horse who I claimed as my own. After leaving the stables I fed him some apples and walked beside him to build trust and get him accustomed to his new master. I am quite thankful to have this amazing creature in my life now… it feels good to have a bond with something so majestic. Our new mode of transport made the distance from Crimmor to the southern outskirts of Imnescar seem like nothing. We set up camp and fed our horses and called it a night.

The morning began with a terrible start. We were all awoken with a soul chilling roar echoing off the foothills of The Small Teeth. Stumbling from my tent it didn’t take me long to realize what had made out wake up call. Following Ayidh up a tree I was given the visual to solidify my unease… Dragon. We stayed up in the tree for a little while observing its shadow flying and swooping down upon something in the mountains. After a few moments I climbed down and decided to ride into Imnescar and talk with the town guard to see if they had heard of the dragon. It turns out there were several travelers that were swooped upon by the beast a few days earlier. I thanked him for his time and made my way back to my companions and filled them in. Ayidh saw the dragon fly to the east and decided he wanted to investigate… He and Calli went off to investigate and Burt and I went back to town and waited for their return.

Several days had passed when the found us in the inn and filled us in on their findings. It seems as thought he dragon had made its way east and in the process attacked a couple wagons and people leaving all the remains in its trail. Not able to track it further they returned and we made out way up into The Small Teeth. We kept aware of our surroundings hoping the dragon had not returned and were pleased to find that it hadn’t. We made it to the top of the pass to find The Wealdath covering the valley below. Praise be to the gods my forest remained! With the vast green expanse below my spirits could not get any higher!

We made it to the bottom of the foothills and entered the forest. We stopped and Ayidh filled Burt and Calli in on the ways of the great forest. As he spoke I took the opportunity to lay a hand upon several trees and took in the scent of a forest I should never have left. I have never felt so at home as I have now… With the call of Mosstone I saddled up and continued the trip south. On one of our rest stops one of the forests elves had made himself known by stepping out from a tree. Ayidh has seemed rather apprehensive about being in the forest… im sure we will learn why sometime in the future… as for me I was ready to get home.

The time had come when Mosstone came into view and I hastened myself to the stabled outside the town walls. After paying for a ten day stay for my horse I ran into town to greet my old friends. Unfortunatly the tea shop was closed but I knew of one person who would be easy to find. I made my way to the southern end of town and walked into Steeleye’s shop. I found it in process of closing for the night and was greeted by Avery his assistant. I introduced myself and decided to go around the back to Steeleye’s home and say hello. He greeted me with a warm strong hug and welcomed me back. I gave him my stein for repairs and bid him farewell for the evening. Its time to establish a home and work… but for now sleep.


Midsummer Day

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

The traditional celebrations of Midsummer are nowhere to be found this year. The city of Baulder’s Gate hums along in a breathless, uncomfortable quiet, as if waiting for the other boot to drop. While life goes on here, more or less, the coming—and subsequent going of Midsummer is barely cause for note this time around, let alone anticipation.

As the caravan assembles for the return voyage, the streets are clear and empty to the point of being disquieting.

Finnly Brogan

We left Baulders Gate in the morning. Our caravans were packed and out armor on we set of fon the road out. We carried on across the bridge out when we noticed a large cloud of dust rising from the distance. When the commotion came close enough to see we found it to be an unnatural cause. Large groups of farmers and commoners were fleeing with all the spirit the possessed from an unknown enemy. When they came close to the bridge we saw their pursuers… Rabid men.

We all posted ourselves at the mouth of the bridge and prepped to defend the city and commoners. When the enemy came close enough we began out battle. We fought fast and strong as they hoards closed in. Weapons flying, blood spraying and bodies dropping we put our souls behind out blades. Helm indeed watched over us in this encounter for we came out victorious and only lost one commoner. As to where our foes came from we can only guess from the surrounding farms of Baulders Gate.

We cleared the road out so the caravans could move out and went on our way. Our travels went smoothly and it seemed as though things were looking up… That was until we saw the smoke. It took a while for us to realize where the smoke rose from but when we did we brought haste to our steps. Sure enough The Friendly Arm was burning away before our very eyes. Ayidh ducked into The Arm and emerged shortly to inform us that it seemed to be vacant. Either the people of The Arm fled to the cellar or had left when the fire had taken to life. Though the burning continued we brought the caravan inside the walls and stayed the night before continuing out way south.

Storms and rain greeted us as left the gates of The Arm making our travels miserable. Through the mud and wind we finally made it to Baragost. There we took up the caravan and made the remainder of the day ours. After getting all squared away we headed over to the home of an old wizard that Ayidh had thought could help with out quest for information about my dagger. The garden about his home was overgrown and it seemed as though he wasn’t home and has not been there for quite some time. Seems as though we will never find anyone who can help us. Afterwards I decided I could take advantage of the local drink and crash for the evening.
I awoke in the stables near by hungover. I claimed my pack from the tavern and we set out again. We made our way back to Nashkel without much trouble… Its good to be back and to know that Mosstone is just around the bend.

Baldur's Gate

The Fifteenth Day of Flamerule

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

The city of Baldur’s Gate is subdued, its citizens quiet, as if uncertain. Much of the world holds its breath, waiting for the other boot to drop; the destruction of wondrous Selune can only mean the beginning of some other, greater disaster to come. High overhead, the remnant glow of Winterflame—some already going so far as to re-name it Moonsunder—mingles with the expanding cloud of devestation, glowing embers and rivers of fire growing to encompass a wide arch in the night.

The tradesmen of Nashkel’s caravan, nervous and eager to return to their families, make significant strides. Within a week, the caravan is prepped to return to Nashkel.

The only real question is; what will they find when they return?

Finnly Brogan

As the days trudged on we came to the conclusion it was all a nightmare… Though we woke up we were still deeply entwined into the nightmare that had come of our life. Slowly but surly more and more people came back to consciousness. We gradually got back into the normal flow of things around The Friendly Arm. Moving from cooking and cleaning to standing guard and filling in where help was lacked. Mindlessly working our ways through each day.

Lunch had fallen upon us and my stomach lead me to the hall. The further up the stairs I went the louder the commotion got in the hall. Coming through the doors my eyes were met with a fellow caravan guard woken up rabid. With blood shot eyes and a foaming mouth he relentlessly attacked anyone near enough to try to subdue him. After restlessly dragging through the last week I was in no mood to deal with his actions. I pushed my way through the crowd and made an attempt to calm him… the Brogan way.

Reaching behind me I pulled my trusty stein from my belt loop and advanced. When I was in range I drew my stein back and stuck him right in the groin. Without a flinch he turned his rage towards his former traveling companion. He reached down and grabbed my shoulder and sank his teeth into my flesh. In retaliation I drew by stein back and punched him in the head. From out of nowhere Calli charged and knocked him on his back and I jumped on his chest and continued my assault. Landing blow after blow upon my foes head I finally knocked him out. I rose to my feet to see our caravan leader entering the room looking for an answer to what had just happened. While explanations were being given Calli had announced that the rabid man had died by my hand.

Despite what had just taken place I was oddly unaffected. I cleaned by new found wound and assessed the damage to my stein. Though still usable it had received a rather sizable dent… Im sure I can have it repaired in Baulders Gate when we get there. I settled down at a table and ate my lunch with my friends and shared what good times we could muster. When we finished up we were made aware that the caravan was going to be leaving first thing the following morning. With the loss of a guard in mind I quickly thought of a replacement… Ayidh. I made my way up to the roof where we found him sitting on the wall watching over the land. I offered the position as a guard in the caravan and requested he accompany us afterwards for what the world offer. Thankfully he agreed and all that was left was to complete the task my parents had set before my in my dreams… The dagger.

We all disbursed and later met at the bottom of the from steps of The Friendly Arm. With the dagger in had and Ayidh with his supplies we set out to the field outside the front gates. Luckily this time Ayidh responded a little more sane than he had before the nightmare had taken place. He seemed more curious this time took great interest in where we got it and what adventures had led us to this point. Taking notes as we spoke our story unfolded. Questions and ideas flowed as we went on and we learned a little more about our situation and our bond as companions. Ayidh will make a great addition to our mish mashed group and I am very thankful he didn’t run off in a fit of rage like he had before. We finished up the day talking on the roof and prepared to leave with the caravan in the morning.

The morning came and the caravan left. Our trip went smooth and eventless. Upon arrival to our destination we took out caravan to the warehouse and our traders went to work. I went along with Burt to visit the shrine of Helm. It was rather impressive and I felt the least I could do is ask for a blessing and make a small donation. Burt held a little ceremony that was rather soothing and amazing to watch. I have never really been brought up in the whole realm of religion and found it very interesting. As we were leaving the shrine we were greeted by Ayidh. Unfortunatly his connection that may have shed some light on the dagger has vanished. His tower had toppled down upon the homes next to it and he was no where to be seen. Aside from the sad news we were pleased to find out the traders had made quick work of what they set out to do and we may be leaving soon.


The Twelfth Day of Flamerule

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

As fire burns on the horizon, and flames of blue and green dance high in the sky, the question is inescapable; were the last few weeks real? Are they a taste of things to come, or were they little more than a nightmare without substance?

Does the nightmare continue?

Looking up, it’s hard to imagine that this is less of a nightmare than before. The shattered husk of Selune, Lady Silverhair, spreads out in all directions, an ever-expanding cloud of ash and red embers that covers the sky. Fever and madness burn at the survivors, who look on helplessly as the world unravels around them.

Finnly Brogan

We set up camp just out side Imnescar. We were all deep in slumber when we were awoken by screams. They seemed very near out camp, but when we awoke and started to investigate they faded and disappeared. We spent sometime looking for what could have been the cause but came up empty handed. However there were several things that caused concern within me. As I was looking at our surroundings I saw that the trade way was empty of tracks. It had sprinkled some the night before and there was no evidence of winds coming through the area. What caught me off guard the most was the lack of OUR tracks we had made the night before. As I continued to make my way about the area I had noticed also the eerie silence that was about us. I would have expected there to be birds and other creatures making some sort of noises this time of year.

Coming up with nothing to support our rude awakening we decided to pack up camp and continue our way south to Mosstone. Our hike went smoothly up into The Small Teeth and there was still no sign of what had happened earlier. The trail was clear and the air seemed heavy. Further into The Small Teeth I started to notice a strange feeling within me. Much like what I had experienced earlier but this time it was accompanied with voices. The voiced were much like the ones Burt had been experiencing and now I can understand why he has been acting the way he has. I stopped in my tracks pondering if our trek was really something I was ready to accept with the new developments.

As I pondered Calli had asked if we were all experiencing the same thing. With the voiced and the strange pulling of my being shared among us all I was rather unnerved. Why would Calli be feeling and hearing what only Burt and I had been going through? The pulling has been getting worse but seemed to lack direction as before. I wanted to turn back to spare Calli the unpleasantness growing inside us all but I needed to reach Mosstone. With my destination in reach I decided to push through and hope the feelings and voices would fade.

The further we trekked the worse things got. I had stopped several times contemplating my decision to carry on but kept feeling the need to keep going. As the path started leveling off I could hardly wait to see The Wealdath before me. As we continued on something strange happened. It was as though I had blanked out of existence. When I had reached a point where the view of the forest would lie ahead of us life seemed to blink out and I came to with my face in the dirt that was once below my feet. After coming to I found a rock to sit on to collect myself. There was no reasoning for what had just happened and I just couldn’t come to grips with it. Hoping to calm my nerves I rose to my feet and walked forward to gaze upon the salvation that waited me.
As I gazed upon the valley below the shock of what awaited us was too much to handle. I fell to my knees at the sight of the once great forest. The land was baron, sun burned and gone. It seemed as though the forest had never been there and the land was blank and scorched. I searched the landmarks I had become to know and love to make sure we hadn’t take a wrong turn. Sure enough this dead, dark fogged valley was once a place I had called home. The sky was dark and swirling with black clouds and Mosstone was nowhere in sight.

As I sit upon my knees I lost control of my emotions and began to weep. The flood of emotions and devastation took over my soul. The safety and salvation that held me together over the last year and a half had instantly be eradicated. Where was the forest I loved? Where was the town I had started to build my life in? What could have happened to Kara? Question upon question piled up in my mind and my inner strength vanished. My pain and sorrow lifted me to my feet and took my back down the path away from then valley of death and carried my back to the direction we had come from.

Burt and Calli ran to catch up to me when my sadness turned to rage. Before it took a physical manifestation it had stuck me that the dark swirling clouds and fog from the valley had quickly advanced upon us. It began to surround us when we realized the clouds and fog were not what we believed it to be. Hundred upon thousands of crows swarmed about us in swirling mobs within each other. As they continued to surround us it felt as though we were within a cyclone of feathered chaos. We all took guard from the mass of birds and watched as several smaller groups had come together and formed larger swirling masses about us.

As I kept guard I was struck from behind. When I turned to see what had taken attack on me I found Burt in a sort of trance. His eyes had glazed over and was no longer the one I had grown to know. Out of instinct with axe in hand I pushed him away from me. With the blade of Garaz flat to his chest I slammed into him and gained space between my unexpected enemy. Much to my surprise he turned in his trance and attacked our animal companion. Luckily his attack didn’t land to the force it could have but the wolf didn’t accept what had happened either way and she nipped back in a manner for warning and rebuttal. Shortly after Burt came to and returned to his guarded stance as though nothing had happened. I maintained my distance not knowing what could happen next.

Before we knew how to handle the swarming birds out situation took a turn to the worse. As we remained on guard Burt collapsed and the shadow jumped out from his temporary residence within our companion. A fierce battle took place and we all fought strong and hard. Landing blow after blow we fought within the cyclone of crows against the shadow. Being beaten within inches of my life Burt was able to refresh me to continue the fight. Without him who know how I would have ended. After what seemed like hours of endless battle the shadow fell and vanished. Readying for an onslaught of thousands of claws and beaks, I collapsed.

Slowly I started to come back into existence. I groggily came to find myself laying on a stone surface that was nowhere near the path we had fallen upon. Screams and moans greeted out ears and confusion took over our minds. My body ached and burned from the battle before and focus fought to come back to my eyes. To my horror I found us all upon the roof of The Friendly Arm. I sat firm upon the floor and tried to make sense of what had just happened, but found it hard to concentrate with the sounds of pain and torture about me. Trying to find and keep my bearings I gazed upon the sky above The Friendly Arm to find a sky I had never known.

With Winter Flame still high among the stars, there was something out of place. It felt like hours had passed before I realized what I was looking at. Where the moon once held strong there was a plume of rock and rubble. The one thing we could rely on for the change of tides and our eyes in the night had been obliterated by an unknown force. The shock slowly settled in to my being as I came to grips with loss of the peace in the night sky. The moon soothed my sadness and nerves in the loss of my parents now lays with the souls of them in its own death.

Coming back to reality with the screams and moans as the an anchor in the ocean of confusion that consumed me, I tried taking in what was happening on the planet beneath my feet. I made my way down the stairs after regaining some balance and strength to find Calli and Ayidh tending to the unconscious wounded people of the friendly arm. I did all I could to help the situation. Burt and I closed up the keeps gate and started bringing in the people that were out in the court yard. After setting up a central place of work we began doing what we could to soothe and comfort our patients. With little to use in the realm of healing we ended up striking out into the night around the forest for any herbs that may assist us.

Doing all the odds and ends around the keep we held The Friendly Arm as stable as we could. Cleaning, cooking and tending to the people I worked tirelessly along side my companions as people slowly came to through out the night and following days… What more could we do to help when we didn’t know what we were working against. With such confusion that had taken place we did all we could and just hoped for the best.

With what little down time we came upon my cohorts and I tried to piece together what had happened over the week. Having found the dagger that Ayidh had destroyed still wrapped in its leathers and finding ourselves back at The Friendly Arm I was met with another level of confusion… Had we really abandoned out posts on the caravan after Ayidh’s flight into the forest? Had we really spend those endless days in travel? What had really happened to the valley that once stood proud and strong with the ancient forests of the elves? Was there still chance to reunite with the one who shared my soul?

Or was it all just a dream?

Defiler's Essence

The Twelfth Day of Flamerule

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

An unusual calm has followed in the wake of the attack on the Friendly Arm. The disappearance of Ayidh d’Nuhl has left more questions than answers, and without an apparent direction, the road begins to beckon. The trip through the Western Heartlands seems to breeze by, and the roads through Amn pass as if in a blur. A tenday comes and goes without leaving little trace in the memories of the party.

But for as smooth as the trip has been, the road south becomes disturbingly quiet…


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