The Black Tomb of the Corsair

The Twenty-Eighth Day of The Fading

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

King Haerdrak II, the “Corsair Prince,” was much loved by Tethyr, and the monument marking his tomb along the Firedrake Road, 20 miles north/northwest of Mosstone, was one of the few to survive ruin at the hands of rampaging common-folk during Tethyr’s Black Days. His tomb is much as the great king, himself, had been in life; simple but strong, without the frills or fanciful, ‘needless’ displays of frivolous wealth that his usurper uncle, Kymer the Shade King, had been known for. In all of Tethyr, he had said, the small cove beneath where his tomb had eventually been built had afforded him the best view of the sea, looking between both peninsulas out to the open sea.

Today, Haerdrak’s tomb is far less grand than it once was. Decades of neglect have given the wildlife plenty of time to deface it, the great basalt pillars once marking his resting place having crumbled or been knocked down in the years since it was constructed. What riches he was buried with have long since been plundered, and his body desecrated. His spirit, now restlessly wandering the Firedrake road, searching for stout-hearted folk that might avenge him.

Finnly Brogan

Morning came and greeted us with the usual breakfast at the inn and the prospect of kings tomb tantalizing our thoughts. We made quick work of our morning meal and left town on foot to spare ourselves the possibility of our horses giving us away to ogres. as we had planned we ended our first day by setting up camp a few hours away from where the tomb was said to be and planned on finding it the following day. Again morning came and we continued our journey.

Calli picked up on a path that had been overgrown that ended up leading us to the tomb that we were seeking. What was once a place of remembrance of a king was now a demolished mess of its older glories. Where a statue once stood stone ankles and rubble filled its place and the once proud columns were ruins. We scouted the area from the top before we made our way down the side stairs to where the final resting place took up residence. At the bottom of the stairs we were met with the stench of crap and the sad sight of what remained of the kinds resting place.

The doors to the tomb were no longer where they were originally placed. One lay on the floor inside the tomb and the other was no where to be seen. There were piles of feces and rubble all about the floor. Nature had taken its opportunity to move in and took foot hold where it could. I lit some of the torches on the walls and brought some light back to the dank home of a passed king. With light warming the room we found the lid to the coffin had bee thrown aside leaving the body inside to the elements. Burt and I took some time to place the lid back on the stone coffin and pick up the door and place it against the wall.

While we made use of our time cleaning we heard the sound of creatures in the distance. We took to silence and began our observation. Some time had passed before we were able to spot two ogres carrying large cages full of sea life. The two creatures seemed to be rather keen on their duties and didn’t seem to notice us watching them. Slowly they made their way up their path and the memories of the kinds ghostly request for vengeance came to mind. Assuming these two may be the culprits for the tombs desecration I took to action. I dug through my pack and pulled out my trusty duck call. With my lungs full of air I let loose a mighty “QUACK”.

The ogres turned, dropped their bounty and set off in a run towards us. With the intent of smashing us into puddles of goop we set to defend ourselves. Weapons unsheathed and hopes for a bloody fight we unleashed our strength on our foes. Blades flashing and arrows flying we fought the beasts and made quick work of their lives. Staying in fashion of keeping the tomb clean I decided I would dump the bodies off the cliff into the ocean when I was stopped by Burt. Calli had noticed gems in the hair of one of the ogres and Burt decided to check the body I was rolling before it was eaten up by the sea below. Bodies disposed of I retrieved their cages of sea life and we made plans to feast on crab when night fell.

Making due with the remainder of the day we set foot on the ogres trail and ended up finding their camp. Under the canopy of the might shadow tops we found a clearing where the ogres made home. Several of the large trees had been brought down and laid over a ditch in effort to make a home. Outside we found three ogres about the same size as out two previous foes and one large female. We stayed in hiding observing them when one caught scent of us. Luckily we were hidden well and weren’t immediately noticed. One of the smaller ogres had come a little too close for comfort and I decided once again my blade shall taste blood this day.

I leapt from my bush and fought a fierce battle. Quickly we were surrounded by our towering foes and I set my heart into a log hard fight for our lives. Blades, arrows and clubs flew wildly for what seemed an eternity. Many times I felt as if I was within deaths grasp but somehow managed to keep up my energy. At one point in our battle I fought bloodied inches from my last breath when what seemed the hands of an angel gave forth to me the life I needed to carry on… Calli had ventured into range of the beasts to bestow her potions of healing upon me. Without her generosity I may not have lived through he slaying of the ogress. Eternity came to and end as the ogress finally fell and we took advantage of the silence and safety to take a well deserved rest.

When we had caught our breath and calmed our nerves we raided the ogres camp and came out with treasures. Calli had taken a blade from the club of the ogress and claimed it as her new weapon and Burt and I shared the gold and gems from their bodies. With the vision of fresh crab in my mind we set back to the tomb and set up camp and ate a well deserved meal. I took my watch as the others slept and made my way down the stairs to the room below. There I found the spirit of the departed king and received a warm motion of thanks for cleansing his home. As I gave a short bow of respect the spirit pointed to a spot on the steps up to his coffin that I had missed when cleaning out the room. there I found a hollowed stone and below it was a helm of gold and silver fit for the passed king. I placed the helm in my pack to later bestow upon my companions and ended my watch.

We woke the next morning sore and spattered in dried ogre blood but none the less refreshed. We set out along the coast on our way home where the sea air filled our lungs and the calming sound of the waves settled our souls. The storm that was in the distance that morning had finally come upon land I had spotted the mouth of a cave in which we took refuge. Venturing in we found a large vast cave with a couple little ponds and a stream. I had seen the cave in the passed but the tides had limited my ability to explore it. With the moon gone and tides long extinct this cave just may very well become a cozy place to set up a home and a base of operation for Idle Hands… I just may have to talk with Ayidh and see if I can take another loan for supplies and builders until more coin come our direction.

We set up camp in the cave for the night and made our way back into Mosstone first thing in the morning. The morning was damp but the walk went smooth. Chilled from the night before we made our way into the tea house and settled down for some warming. Something tells me life may be turning towards the brighter side…



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