Pursuit of Answers, Finale

The Twentieth Day of Leaffall

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Milda Gullykin is a simple woman from a simple town that carries an astounding secret; she may know the location of a hidden stronghold of the unnamed mercenaries responsible for the attack on not only Mosstone, but also, apparently, against Port Kir. In the dead of night, Milda leads Idle Hands to a set of stairs in the middle of a meadow. The job, now, is to run a gauntlet of zombies and traps in pursuit of the robed figure Milda speaks of. At worst, perhaps a threat can be eliminated, but at best, maybe the mysterious individual can shed some light on the situation unfolding around the Wealdath.

Finnly Brogan

The door lead to a set of stairs that ended in a large natural cavern. Inside the cavern was what looked like a temple to the wizard we had seen on the statues through out the dungeon. There was a set of walls that separated the natural cavern floor from the tiled area of the temple. As we were venturing around the cavern we stumbled across several zombies that needed dispatching and it proved to be an easy task despite our brushes with death. While we took a short rest after our fight we saw several fire elementals burst forth from the statue and disappear deeper into the room. Deciding we should look into where the elementals were going to we started to talk through the opening between the walls dividing the cavern. Making our way through the floor gave out from beneath our feet blocking our way across.

Thinking on my feet I decided that I would avoid the issue of the fallen floor and I clamored on top of the wall to pass the wall. After setting foot on top of the wall the gargoyle watching over the cavern burst to life and attacked. Fighting back my blade cause no harm to the stone foe and from there I decided it would be best to jump from the wall before the creature decided to take my life. We all decided it would be smarter to just jump over the pit and continue or trek into the depths of the dungeon. Taking in the new area we have come upon we noticed there was more to the cavern than the statue. At the base we found piles of bodies new and old. Some even seemed to be relatively fresh and I decided we didn’t need any more zombies to battle so I lit some of the bodies on fire.

As the fire warmed the area we noticed several raised platforms ahead of us and a bridge that was burning connecting the two. As we got to the top of the stairs of the first platform we found a decaying living area that had several bookcases, a bed and a bathroom where I found some items of interest. There lay a fresh pack full of the regular supplies and a clean dress that was in the size of a Halfling. After a little raiding I decided to venture to the other side. I climbed down the wall of the one platform and used a hanging rope to climb to the other side. My companions and I searched the area and found the door at the end of the hall separating the platforms required some sort of mechanical assistance to open. We spent quite some time before we were able to figure out what opened them. With the help of several forges and the activation of a couple levers we were able to make our escape from the dungeon practically empty handed.

We made our way back into town where we found that the Halfling that brought us to search for the mysterious figure from the night of the attacks had never returned. Disappointed and feeling cheated out of the reward we deserved we took to the bath house to clean up and rest our weary bodies. We spent several days in Mosstone collecting herbs and plants form the forest and buying supplies to brew a few health potions for our future adventures. We came to the teahouse one morning where we found Kara speaking with one of the forest elves. We were informed that the elf had come to take us to Ayidh who was waiting for us in the mountains and had something to show us. We mounted our horses and followed the elf out of The Wealdath and into the snow laden mountains.

After trudging through the snow we found Ayidh sitting next to s small fire. We exchanged out pleasantries and rested shortly before we were taken to what we were summoned to see. Trekking through the snowy trees Ayidh pushed aside several branches revealing a decaying body of a black dragon. I collected some teeth as we tried to figure out how the beast had met its demise. Though we were unable to figure out the mystery we did learn the true reason for being summoned by Ayidh. He needed us to be his eyes and ears in Waterdeep. It seems his sources which he had relied on have been disappearing since the day the sundering and needs to have us help him out. With our debt to him still unpaid and my loyalty to the man who gave us our start I felt it was my duty to accept.



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