Pursuit of Answers, Continued

The Twentieth Day of Leaffall

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Milda Gullykin is a simple woman from a simple town that carries an astounding secret; she may know the location of a hidden stronghold of the unnamed mercenaries responsible for the attack on not only Mosstone, but also, apparently, against Port Kir. In the dead of night, Milda leads Idle Hands to a set of stairs in the middle of a meadow. The job, now, is to run a gauntlet of zombies and traps in pursuit of the robed figure Milda speaks of. At worst, perhaps a threat can be eliminated, but at best, maybe the mysterious individual can shed some light on the situation unfolding around the Wealdath.

Finnly Brogan

As soon as the fire elementals were dispatched we heard a shambling corpse from the other side of the room. As me made his way to us he set off a trap that bathed the room in flames. We made sure to take this corpse out without setting the trap off again. Through examining the room we found that in the center was a small brazier that was surrounded by runes that would glow when someone stepped into its proximity… only to trigger the flaming trap. From this central room there were many halls branching off in all directions. Slowly but surely we made our way into each hall that ended a majority of the time with a trap of sorts.

We made our way back into the central room and split ways, Calli and Burt went one direction and I decided to stay put for a bit. As they ventured off I decided to head down another hall where I found a fork that lead to one dead end and the other I didn’t venture too far into. While the others were off doing their thing I decided to pick up the body of the zombie in the central chamber and use it to set off a few traps to see the potential of their power. To my amusement I watched the body get slammed with thunder and then melted with acid while I stayed out of their grasps.

After playing with the traps I sat in the hall waiting for my cohorts. It seemed like hours had passed when I decided to track them down the hall they ventured into. Making my way down the hall I heard a small commotion and voiced around a corner. I decided to wait for one of them to come around the corner to scare them. Eventually Calli made her way around and I let loose a deafening roar! Sadly it had no effect on her and she just said hello and continued her way out of the hall. I followed them out and went back down the hall I had been sitting in to be surprised by the fact that they had made their way down a different one without me. So I took out some food and my water skin and had a short lunch while I waited for them.

When we met up again we finished up the hall I was in and found it lead into a room lined with wooden statues with weapons and a pool in the center. As we gazed at the room I decided to take a closer look at the statues, which jumped to life as I approached. I jumped back and decided it wouldn’t be wise to run passed the four statues lining the side wall fearing the loss of my life. As we contemplated the best way our But had mentioned that there was something weird about the pool of water in the room and it was best not to be involved with it. I decided to take my pickaxe handle and dip it in the liquid to see what would happen and sadly nothing did. So taking the easy way about things, I stood back as Burt cast his spells at the statues and one by one I took their lifeless bodies and threw them into the pool to make sure they couldn’t harm us again.

We all came to the end of the room and walked into a hall of miniature waterfalls of all sorts of colors. It opened up allowing the main path to split into three separate halls leading down about fifteen feet and meeting back at another junction. Down each hall was cascading colored water draining into the floor below. I tested the first three waterfalls in the hallways to see if any cause any ill effects and luckily was able to pass through safely. We all made out way through the waters and met before pass through the second set of falls and repeated going through the third set. As I finished clearing the third set of falls my pickaxe handle had burst into flames! I can only assume it was reaction from the water of the falls combining with the water from the pool in the room behind us. Whatever the cause was I decided to leave my axe handle behind and move forward through the door awaiting us.

After prying the door open we made our way down a set of stairs into a large room that had large gap separating the floor. Across from us were several zombies that had their minds on one thing, making us their next meal. As the shambled along they one by one fell into the pit and were impaled by the spikes below. As we gazed down upon them we saw several more fire elementals that just ignored the rotting messes and carried on their little patrols. While assessing the situation and our need to make our way to the other side my courage and stupidity got the best of me. As Calli and Burt were talking I backed myself up to the wall and ran full speed toward and made a jump…

Much to my surprise one of my feet was quicker than the other and I tripped plummeting to the depths of the pit barely missing the spikes below. As I made my way to my feet my companions threw a rope down as the elementals approached me. We quickly get myself back up to the floors above in time to ready ourselves for a battle with the rising elementals. We made quick work of them and then finalized a plan to “safely” cross the pit. We tied a rope around my waist and I jumped across to the other side without any incident. The others followed suit and we gathered ourselves and made our way into a room containing several zombies and a rather large statue of a menacing wizard holding a staff topped with a large crystal.

While gazing upon the statue one of the zombies walked into the side of it causing the room to erupt in flames. The flames shot down from the ceiling into the crystal and dispersed down the staff and into the room engulfing anything in its area. After killing the zombies we decided to experiment with the statue. The crystal on the staff was too enticing to pass up. After many failed attempts we decided to look for a way out of this area. We found stairs on either side of the room that led to separate rooms containing jail cells and decided there wasn’t much worth investigating there and made out way back up to the room with the statue.

At the back of the room containing the statue was a hall that had a grated floor and a door at the end of it. Beneath the grating was a pool of rancid green waters. Looking for pressure plates or trip wires I made my way across to the door successfully. Unfortunately as I attempted opening the door the room around me slid down into water below. To my fortune the water had no effect on me except to coat me in stench. Shortly after falling into the water the room raised itself back up and released my from my temporary prison. From there we made our way about the area trying to find a way out. Some time passed while we searched the rooms about us when we came upon some trap doors in the jail cells below. The doors lead to the bottom of the pit where I had fallen and at the other end was another door leading out…



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