Pursuit of Answers

The Twentieth Day of Leaffall

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Milda Gullykin is a simple woman from a simple town that carries an astounding secret; she may know the location of a hidden stronghold of the unnamed mercenaries responsible for the attack on not only Mosstone, but also, apparently, against Port Kir. In the dead of night, Milda leads Idle Hands to a set of stairs in the middle of a meadow. The job, now, is to run a gauntlet of zombies and traps in pursuit of the robed figure Milda speaks of. At worst, perhaps a threat can be eliminated, but at best, maybe the mysterious individual can shed some light on the situation unfolding around the Wealdath.

Finnly Brogan

I lowered a rope to my cohorts and attempted bring them out of the pit. When Calli was on her way up he had slipped and set off the blades and cut of our ropes. Prepping the other rope I tossed it down and managed to get the both of them out without much more incident. When we were all at the top we made our way down the flight of stairs and came to a small platform ending in a door. We used out bladed and pried the door open to reveal another small room before us. Being ready to keep making progress through the tomb I decided to head across the room to see where the halls at the end lead to.

Before I knew what had happened I found myself at the bottom of pit filled with iron spikes. The floor I had attempted to cross had come unhinged and spun around opening up the pit to its newest victim. Once I got back up to my feet I found myself under attack by a couple swarms of rats. Trying to unsuccessfully fend off my attackers I scrambled my way to the wall where Burt and Calli were standing above me. Jumping and yelling for help one of them finally threw a rope down and pulled me to safety. Atop the walls Burt and Calli continued their attacks on the rats. Calli’s flaming arrow and caught a few on fire and dispersed of the swarms. After they rats had left through a hole in one of the walls I climbed back down to investigate the pit and see how we cross safely.

Calli came down and joined me in my investigation and we found there were several holes in the wall at the ends of the swiveling floor. We went through our supplies and found that I had my old pick axe handle and Calli had a pick axe of her own. From there I had her stand on my shoulders and place one of the handles in one of the holes and repeated for the other side. With the floor stabilized we made out way back up and began our crossing. One by one we jumped the gap between the doorway and the floor and repeated to get to the other side. From there we split ways and went down the halls at the end of the room. Calli went one way and Burt and I went the other. Burt and I had found a crank with a chain and loop that upon turning the crank found it had brought the dropped floors and swivel back into a locked position making it easier for our return trip.

As we finished with the crank we heard a loud crash at the end of our hallway. We made our way to the end and found that the ceiling to the room before us was set up with a triggered floor that brought it crashing down with spikes upon its victims. Looking under the ceiling that had come down Burt and I found that a zombie had triggered the trap and we too it upon ourselves to lift the ceiling a few feet and bring it crashing down repeatedly upon it until it was officially dead. Calli had come around and helped us remove to zombies body from the room as we held the ceiling up. With a long period of searching out a way to make it across the room we decided to sleep for the day and way up refreshed to find our way across the room. Eventually we decided to all take turns holding the ceiling up high enough for one of us to crawl to the other side to safety. We did this until we all made it across safely.

After taking a short rest we continued down a hallway to find yet another open room. I decided to make my way across a little more strategically as opposed to the last room where I found myself an easy victim to its traps. Lining the rooms walls were carved faces of women with open mouths, not knowing what they did I proceeded carefully to reach the door at the end of the room. Slowly taking it one step at a time I used my old axe handle to push on each tile before I put my weight upon it. Luckily nothing had happened until the very last tile that I tested. As I pushed down with my axe handle I found out what the carved faces were there for. Before I could make a retreat I found myself surrounded by flames being spewed from the cravings mouth. I made my way back to safety and watched my friends attempt the crossing on their own. Once we found the trigger we decided to figure out how to open the door and cross its threshold without catching on fire again.

When we finally got the door open at the end we hopped over the trigger plates and found ourselves in yet another hallway. Sick of being the one to find all the traps I let the others lead the way down the hall. After a short travel we found ourselves at the face of a statue of an imp. With his mouth opened like the carvings of the faces we figured that it was another trap waiting for its next victim. We all too our turns hopping over the tile in front of the statue to avoid its painful breath. Before I crossed I decided to stick an apple in its mouth to possibly disable its attacks. Shortly after the wolf made its way passed the statue the trap was triggered and shot the apple from its mouth in a frosty icy blast. Not wasting any more time on the hall we made our way into another room.

To our surprise there were two fire elementals. We shuffled our positioning to give me the frontline advantage. While I was making direct melee attacks upon our foes Calli used her bow skills and was shooting our enemies from the back of the group. Being lined up in the hallway behind us the battle was up to me. Landing blow after blow I ended the lives of the elementals and we decided now would be a good time to take another rest before making our way through the rest of the tomb looking for the man our Halfling friend had told us about.



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