March of the Dead

The Seventeenth Day of Leaffall

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

It’s a dangerous implication, one that isn’t easy to swallow; Could the death of Selune really have been engineered? Is it even possible that a mortal could summon the power to destroy a goddess? And what about the suggestion that the murders of both Finnly’s and Albert’s families might be tied together in some way? And tied to Selune? What of Calliope’s family? Is there a connection there, as well? Ayidh d’Nuhl’s tale of far-flung wars that span millennia, re-incarnated evils with the power to corrupt whole priesthoods, the clashing of gods, and the possible genocide of entire species seems outrageous—particularly in the context of a relatively minor attack by undead against a small, nothing-town like Mosstone.

Still, there’s something about the scenario that he paints for three wandering adventurers in an otherwise nondescript teahouse that seems frighteningly tangible.

For now, though, the greatest threat would seem to be a lack of information. And as Ayidh leaves to learn more, or perhaps disprove his own theory, he asks Idle Hands to keep their eyes open and continue with their lives.

Finnly Brogan

Instead of taking immediate actions on tracking down Malfius and the source of the attackers we ended up reposting our ad on the bulletin board looking for work. Several days had come and gone and I picked up a few new supplies for myself when we go news of our first job! I was sitting in the teahouse when Dahrva came over and told me of a Halfling who was looking for us. She had let no details about the proposed job but told Dahrva we could find her in one of the inns.

We made our way to the inn where she was staying and found her eating at a table close to the door. It wasn’t that difficult to find her luckily. We swapped our greetings and dove down to business. She told us how her town was also attacked during The High Harvest time and her husband and son were killed before the town’s militia could respond to the attacks. As things were winding down she had noticed a strange shadowy figure standing at the towns gates that was turning to leave. She ended up following him to an old tomb but didn’t venture in for fear of losing her life.

When she returned to town she had heard news of us from the town where The Crimson Tread had been abolished. When she arrived there she was informed that we were based out of Mosstone and quickly made her way to see us. When we asked what our compensation for waking on the task she lowered her head and produced a small pouch of little coin. After losing her family and having so little to he name we offered to do the job if she were to provide word of our skills and adventures. She had agreed and I decided to offer her a place to stay in out cave. The town she was from is rather poor and giving her this chance in Mosstone just may turn her life around. I do hope she chooses to take the offer it will benefit her in the long run.

Leaving the inn we stopped at the teahouse and I introduced her to Kara and Dahrva, telling them she was welcome to use the spare key to the cave and stay with us. From there we made our way up to the tomb where we parted ways with many blessing bestowed upon us. After she left we went to the door of the tomb and made our way in. It took several tries to pry the doors open and when we finally did it revealed a long hallway with several smaller alcoves branching off of it. I had Calli and Burt stay behind while I snuck in to see what our situation was. Each alcove branching off the hall had four people laid to rest in shallow shelves inset on the walls.

Slowly making my way deeper into the hall I found an alcove with a zombie shambling into the far wall. Taking pity on its stupidity I decided to put it to rest. Raising my axe above my head I brought it down swiftly upon his skull and got a sick sense of satisfaction watching his lifeless body crumple to the floor. I made my way back to my companions and let them know the first portion of the hall was cleared and made my way back up the hall. Unfortunately I wasn’t as quiet this time around and managed to make enough noise to scare up several more zombies from down the depths of the hall. Burt and I formed a barrier between the zombies and the lower portion of the hall allowing their containment and the availability for Calli tostay behind and dispatch them with her arrows. Needless to say it was a rather successful tactic.

At the end of the hall we found two sets of stairs, one on either side of the hallway. We made our way to the bottom of the stairs to find several more zombies waiting for us. We fought them off and took a break and rested up before we made our way down the lower hall. This hall had a very similar but at the end this hall in place of the stairs was a stone sarcophagus. Burt and I approached the sarcophagus and grabbed hold of the lid and lifted it off and placed it on the ground. To our surprise there was nothing inside except an opening in the bottom leading to another room. Taking out my rope I lowered our lantern into the room below and was unable to really see much of anything. Weighing out our options we decided to lower Calli into the room below and have her look around. As her foot touched the floor a set of blades sealed off the opening and severed our rope. Turns out the floor below is was a pressure plate that activates the blades and severs the occupants way out.

Eventually we heard a call up from Calli for Burts help. I slowly lowered Burt in and began swinging him so he could avoid the pressure plate and the loss of another rope. I ended up spending quite some time alone at the top while those two messed around. Curiosity got the better of me and I began poking around trying to find something of interest. There were several spots on the walls that looked like they could be of some sort of use. Thinking they may be doors I began pressing on the walls that slowly moved backward. Twice I was surprised by spikes shooting into my body. After the nursing the pain I decided to use my pick axe handle to push on the last wall and was pleasantly surprised to find it to opened to another set of stairs. Before making my way down the stairs I was called to by my friends for help…



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