Into the Heart, Part I

The Twenty-third Day of Leaffall

The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Winter is settling in early in the foothills of the Small Teeth. Frost licks at the foliage and crunches underfoot.

It’s an odd place to be called to on a whim.

After viewing the carcass of a black dragon, crushed by its own weight after hitting the ground, Ayidh d’Nuhl lays out what seems, on the surface, to be a simple request; Venture to Waterdeep, find Alora Galanadel, and return with her report of the goings-on of the northern territories. He takes great pains to caution Idle Hands, though: “He knows that, sooner or later, I’ll go looking for him. And he knows that Waterdeep will be the most likely place for me to start.”

The first leg of the journey begins at Velen’s sea port.

Finnly Brogan

We set up camp for the night seeing as how we don’t want to travel through the snowy mountains in the dark of night. Sitting by the fire we discussed what we needed to do in Waterdeep. Ayidh had given us a little notebook that we were supposed to deliver to his contact and from there we are welcome to do what we will as long as we returned the book to Ayidh at some point in time. It seems that Waterdeep has quite a history and I can hardly wait to get there. This will be the furthest north that I have traveled and one more place to add to my list of cities I have visited. Ayidh had agreed to let us take some gold from his chest at the teahouse to help pay for our travels. At the break of the morning we will part ways yet again and head back to Mosstone and await a caravan we can travel to Velen with.

We got back to Mosstone safely and several days had passed before a caravan came into town beading our direction. They needed some guards and we needed someone to travel with while we left our horses back in the corals. With our pockets lined with gold and our bodies eager for travel we left town and began our work. Passing through the small coastal towns we made a stop in the town of the soup. I managed to take in as much as possible before we had to move along and It was by far worth the belly ache. Night came and went and the road called for us to continue our path. Very little had taken place so far and it seemed it would be a rather eventless trip. As soon as I thought that things took a turn for the worse.

As we were walking we noticed a band of gnolls had decided to take advantage of our caravan and attacked. We fought long and hard as our other companions did all they could to protect their goods. Surrounded by several gnolls I needed to find a way to even out the odds and make my fight a little easier. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a glass bottle of ether and smashed it right into the face of the closest gnoll. Luckily the disgusting creature has wasn’t able to shake its effects and shortly passed out. I did all I could to fight off the one remaining beside me. As their forces thinned they too flight and left the scene empty handed. After all was clear and we took stock of our damages I decided to dispatch the unconscious gnoll and crushed his skull with a rock and left the body for his friends to take care of. Thankfully the remainder of the trip to Velen was uneventful, now we have to find a ship headed north to take us to our destination.

Our arrival in Velen lead us right down to the docks after a short bout of bickering amongst ourselves. Luckily I got my way because I was in no desire to be denied this afternoon. At the docks we were able to meet up the first mate of one of the few ships in town. When we greeted her she was in process of leading her crew through the unloading of the ship. Thankfully she was able to break away from her duties and give us a moment of her time. Pulling up several smaller crates next to a large one we sat and discussed out needs and weather or not they could meet our needs. Thankfully Burt was able to haggle the price down to a more reasonable level.

Having several days left in town before the ship was to leave port I spent the remainder of the time to myself reflecting. I’m torn with where I am supposed to be in my life. I had never thought I would become an adventurer for hire and leave behind the promise to my parents to find the man that destroyed our lives. Granted I have met some people and accomplished several things since then that have given life meaning. I just pray to the Gods above that I don’t let my parents down and that I am able to bring their souls the rest they need when I destroy Dragonfire.

During our time of rest we had an opportunity to meet the ships captain. He was a gnome of sorts I have never met. For his race he did not exhibit any of their common mannerisms, he was rather quiet and had a very stoic look about him. It was almost as though he had seen and done things in his life that never needed to meet the light of day again. But either way he was rather pleasant and im sure will leave this journey an easy one. The day came when we were to leave port and all our spirits were up and the seas beckoned us to join them.

The ship took to the sea with ease and traveled east along the peninsula and I would assume it would carry up north along the coast up to waterdeep. Of our little group I had been fairing pretty well to the see and managed to keep my gut in check and my head on straight. But as the first night fell the dangers of this trip started to show its ugly face… As we were settling in for the night we heard a cry come from the crows nest which went the entire crew scrambling to douse the lights. As I looked toward where the man had pointed I saw the outstretched wings of a small dragon. Being the size of a horse it was smaller for is kind but a dragon none the less.

Flying down low it surveyed the ship and circled around for its first attack. As it came round again it swooped in and grabbed a hold of the ropes and line that held the rigging and continued to fly off with it. Ripping and tearing our sails and riggings we endured several fly bys of the beast. I stayed up by the wheel and lit a pipe… Deciding that if I was to be taken out by this dragon I might as well have a nice pipe before I go. I puffed on my pipe watching the havoc taking place and was rather happy to see that the beast only left us immobile instead of dead. We all slept on edge wondering if it would return for a small meal or destroy the ship but it was all for nothing. We spent the following day making the repairs needed to the ship to continue our trip.

Sadly that is not where the woes of our trip had gone… We were soon set upon but pirates. We watched as their ship turned around and headed towards us. Bracing for a battle I stayed on the lower deck and went into a defense incase we were fired upon. As the grew nearer Calli had began her arrowed assault upon them and they too took to attack. As arrows were exchanged the men on the other ship tethered us with a grappling hook and rope which I quickly disposed of. With no enemies aboard our ship I was left to defend ourselves from being tethered. Thankfully several pirates swung across on ropes to board us. Avoiding the possibility of an extended battle most of them were knocked overboard and left to fend for themselves.

Being thirsty for action I took to the outer edge of the ship and ran across the deck, If they weren’t going to come over for me then I will go to them! Taking a leap of faith I jumped across to the enemy ship to engage on their turf. I quickly dispatched one of their men when I was attacked from above and entangled in one of the pirates nets. Luckily I was able to scramble out of it and I prepared for another assault on the enemies. Much to my surprise the pirates decided to start to flee when I readied my axe to take another life. I looked back to our ship in time to get entangle in a net yet again. Thankfully before the ships could separate too much Burt had thrown a rope within my grasp. Still trapped in the net I grabbed the rope and pulled myself of the enemies ship and fell to the waters below. After a short bath in the sea I was brought back onboard the ship headed north to continue our way to Waterdeep.



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