Ashes of the Harvest


The Year of Raining Tears, DR 1415

Even as the attack winds down, the questions are just beginning. Where did these creatures come from? Who is responsible? And why? And just who were those mercenaries that conveniently disappeared just before the attack began?

Finnly Brogan

After al l the fighting was done we made our way up to the north gate where we heard some last remaining commotion. When we got up there we met up with the constable to get a status report and maybe some insight as to what happened and why. Much like ourselves he too had no idea why it happened and how many had been hurt or killed. We made ourselves available for assistance around town and ended up taking watch over the stables for the night. Morning came and we met up with the constable again and he offered whatever he could to repay us for saving the southern gate and helping where we could. Before making our rounds to check on our friends we left ourselves at his disposal if he needed.

Delivery day came for our supplies and we met at the cave to unload the cart. The unloading went well and we set all of our stuff up inside and left the carpenter to do his work building the wall. Heading back into town we made our goodbyes and headed out to Athkatla to go to a temple of Lethander. The trip up was rather uneventful which was a very pleasant change. Athkatla was rather large and extravagant and the temple district was a prime example of it. Anything that could be gilded in gold was and each building had to out do the others in a war of gold and luxury. The temple of Lethander was easy to find and we were able to get 500 gold for the helm we were gifted and there we took the money set some aside for paying Ayidh and the rest went into our company fund.

We wasted some time in Athkatla before heading home and eventually made the long trip back to our cave. There the wall was built and our home was one step closer to being complete. Im going to have to buy a lantern for near the door for guests to use when venturing into the dark… aside from that I have never felt more at home. I lit a fire by the little creek running through the cave and enjoyed the notion of being mostly self sustaining. The only thing we really need to work on is finding work to pay Ayidh off and becoming fully debt free. We took a rather large chunk out of our debt by selling the helm so if we keep on track of finding all sorts of treasures we can have it taken care of in no time.

As morning started to break we made our way into Mosstone and I took my usual post in the tea house waiting for work. Even through our message on the bulletin board had been torn away I still held hopes that someone had seen it before its removal. Burt and Calli went to see the constable to see what we could get in repayment for our help. We had discussed boarding of our horses in the towns corrals being covered and luckily the constable had agreed. While they were away I had a chance to talk to Kara and see how things have been… The only major issue was the whereabouts of Ayidh. It seems as though he had been called away and hasn’t been seen for quite some time. One of the forest elves had come and spoke with him and they left no details as to what was taking place.

My cohorts had returned with the news of our compensation and shortly after Ayidh had returned in rougher shape than we had left him. Without much word he places his pack and sword behind the counter of the tea house and made his way to our table with something with in his hand. It turns out the bundle he had was a clawed hand of the human scorpion things… It seems as though he had met up with them in the forest and had managed to do some damaged to one of them. The creatures had come from one of the nine hells and had just so happened to be what made quick work of the forest elves we went out to find. These creatures had been summoned by The Eye That Sees.

Through story Ayidh filled us in on the passed of The Eye That Sees. it’s a tale wrought with death and turbulence. Through the story Kara had closed up shop seeming to the tales within the shop. It was the cause of many tragedies and heartache. Stretching well over many centuries and is very much alive in the world we live in. The Eye That Sees was originally based off the eye of Helm. A creature claiming to be Helm had impressed his misleading thoughts and ways upon a priest of Helm and many followers took up his cause. Wars were fought and lives were lost over the lands and is much alive today. The Corrupter is making his place apperant in the lands in any way he can. At one point in time the corrupter had been pushed out of our world but his lieutenants were still alive and well.

One of the last remaining lieutenants Malfius started casting out a story in which elves were the cause of all that is wrong in this world. The elves and any non humans need to be destroyed in order to bring purity to the lands. Ayidh had killed Malfius and it seems as though his physical embodiment had been destroyed his spirit was very much alive and took upon another life… another life to take up where he left off. The destruction of Selune was just a small piece of what he has planned for the rest of the world… We learned more gruesome stories of what had happened after the loss of Selune and from there I gave myself to the battle to solve this problem cast upon our lands.



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