Selune, once comforting and bright,

Is now little more than a shattered corpse, an expanding cloud of dust and red-hot rock. The Tears of Selune, alone, mark where the great orb once drifted. Green and blue fire dance high above, as if the very sky, itself, had been lit aflame by the destruction of Toril’s mother.

The final, dying shriek of the goddess, herself, still rings in the ears of many, driving her clergy mad with grief. And while stars rain down upon Abeir Toril day and night, obscuring the azure sky with a thin grey haze, rumors are already drifting amongst the terrified folk of The Realms of other, more dangerous creatures stalking the wilderness.

Faerun, as it once was, is no longer, and even the mighty dragons, comfortable in their supremacy for millennia, watch, now, in breathless uncertainty.

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